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Deep Sigh

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Movie gif. Max the dog from Secret Life of Pets stands at attention with one front paw off the floor, his ears perked up, and an alert expression before sighing, dropping his paw and shoulders and looking at the floor. Text, "Sigh" between two asterisks. Frustrated Headache GIF by Kelly ClarksonConfused Robert Downey Jr GIFMovie gif. Jonah Hill as Jason in Don't Look Up rolls his eyes and drops his head back as if stressed on the couch. Oscar The Grouch Idk GIF by Sesame StreetFrustrated Parks And Recreation GIFSeason 3 Sigh GIF by Nanalan'Nervous Episode 1 GIF by The OfficeDean Winchester Facepalm GIFOver It Sigh GIFBrothers Garcia Reaction GIF by The GarcíasSighing Sigh GIFThe Little Mermaid Sigh GIFGame Of Thrones Ugh GIFmatt bomer sigh GIFDonna Paulsen Sigh GIF by SuitsScared Sewing Bee GIF by The Great British Sewing BeeDeep Breath Sigh GIF by NBCSad Futurama GIFThe Office No GIFmovie frustrated sigh phew godfather GIFEyeroll Omg GIF by Harlemdog day afternoon sigh GIFjulie andrews shrug GIFsassy alcohol GIF
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