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So You're Telling Me There's A Chance
Otter Claps and Taps for Clams

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Happy Sunday Yes GIF by NdubisiOkoyeFor The People Yes GIF by Kamala HarrisCelebrity gif. Nicki Minaj on American Idol, dancing in her seat. She looks hype, dancing with her arms up and does a chest pulse dance move. Sim Portuguese GIF by languagesTV gif. Daniel Bryan holds a WWE belt over his shoulder, bringing his fists down while he yells with joy, “YES!”Sim Portuguese GIF by languagesMovie gif. Will Ferrell in a grocery store hearing good news and getting over-excited. He cheers and enthusiastically begins punching cereal boxes and ends his outburst with a swift kick at low shelf in the aisle. Text, "Awesome! Yes!"Portuguese Frame By Frame Animation GIF by MouseHell Yeah Yes GIF by Kelley Bren BurkeHow I Met Your Mother Yes GIF by HULUMixed Martial Arts Middle Finger GIF by UFCText gif. We see two questionnaire boxes marked "Yes" and "No". A check mark appears in the "Yes" box.Meme gif. The Jeremiah Johnson nod of approval meme: A slow zoom in on Robert Redford as Jeremiah Johnson, culminating in a smiling nod.Celebrity gif. Wearing a black LA Dodgers cap and a black Dolce & Gabbana sweatshirt, Ice T on The Tonight Show sits in a guest chair with his fingers linked across his lap. Casually, he says: Text, "That's a fact!"Video gif. Gigantic tan-colored teddy bear does a Fortnite dance in a kitchen, rocking his knees and flailing his arms.Movie gif. Deadpool is staring at us with his full suit on and he gives us a double OK hand signal while tilting his head down.Happy Napoleon Dynamite GIFMovie gif. John C. Reilly as Dale in Step Brothers nods his head dramatically and says, “yep!”Big Sean Yes GIF by Denyse®Excited John Cena GIF by WWEHalf Baked Yes GIFVideo gif. A trio of Lego Hawaiian hula dancers move side to side doing the hula.Champions League Yes GIF by UEFARandy Savage Yes GIF by WWESo Excited Yes GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudios
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