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Video gif. Text, “Hey Girl.” A slim man wearing only super short shorts, ankle socks, and roller blades skates down the street. His legs are spread hard apart and his back is arched back. He looks like he thinks he’s cool and sexy, but it’s definitely not coming off that way. ice skating GIF by US National ArchivesSkating Music Video GIF by Ryan HurdNew York City Spinning GIF by US National ArchivesVideo gif. A woman in roller skates holds onto the side of a bench next to the skating rink. She rocks back and forth happily then falls back onto the bench, feet flying into the air. Text, “When you think it’s Friday, but it’s only Thursday.”Ice Skating GIF by US National ArchivesJumping Team Usa GIF by U.S. Figure SkatingDance Skating GIF by Roll HappyGo Peace Out GIF by StoryfulSkate Skating GIF by Back to the Future Trilogyskate skating GIFSkating Americas Got Talent GIF by NBCroller skating converse GIF by ELMØVideo gif. Corgi is on a skateboard and pushes itself with its hind legs and its front legs hold onto the board.Fall Fail GIF by Beauty and the Geek AustraliaSkate Skating GIFskate skating GIF by Martina Scottjumping ice skating GIF by U.S. Figure SkatingHair Skating GIF by levSkateboard Skating GIF by Back to the Future Trilogyanimation skating GIF by ChristoCartoon Flying GIF by chrixmorixSkating Ice Hockey GIF by NHLSkating Maude Apatow GIF by euphoriaHbo Skating GIF by euphoria
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