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Donald Duck Sleeping GIFVideo gif. A sleepy baby sitting on a couch falls face forward on the couch.Season 3 Sleeping GIF by The Simpsonsspongebob squarepants sleeping GIFfrozen anna sleeping GIFTV gif. Kenan Thompson as Kenan Williams in Kenan sits in an armchair and snoozes with his cheek resting on his hand.Cartoon gif. Cat sleeps very still on a couch, covering its head with a pillow. Above the pillow is a single feather that floats up and then down as if being propelled by the cat’s snoring.Spongebob Squarepants Sleeping GIFTired Good Morning GIF by Simian RefluxVideo gif. In a car, a sleeping toddler wakes to the sound of music and begins to dance, bobbing his head in excitement.Cartoon gif. A chibi animation of a corgi sleeping peacefully in a bed, complete with drool, a snot bubble, and a pair of "Z"s above its head.Animal gif. We zoom in on stone steps, where a puppy has fallen asleep in a sitting pose with its head resting on the step above it.Illustrated gif. A koala sleeping on a mattress in a room below a window while it rains.Video gif. Duckling is falling asleep on a table. Their head slowly bends over and once it touches the table, the duck raises its head back up again, shaking in an attempt to wake up.TV gif. Jennette McCurdy as Sam in iCarly seated on the couch, falls over dramatically, miming instantaneously falling asleep, uneaten potato chips falling out of her mouth.TV gif. Cartoon Sylvester the black cat lies on the floor with his tongue hanging out. Tweety the yellow bird reaches over and lifts one of his black eyelids. On the snoozing cat's eye is an analog clock and above it text, "Out. Back at 3:00."Puppies Sleeping GIFNap Sleeping GIF by James Bond 007Anime gif. Young Goku from Dragon Ball series lies on his back on the ground, covered with a blue blanket, snoring while sound asleep.Video gif. Woman is sleeping facedown on her bed and she continues to sleep soundly as a sign pops up behind her that reads, "No."Tired Stop Motion GIF by PESTired Monday Morning GIF by DiscoveryTired Season 2 GIF by Law & OrderSad Old Man GIF by yuvarooJane The Virgin Sleeping GIF
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