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London Zoo's New Baby Sloth Rests Cozily on Mama's Belly
Two-Toed Sloth Celebrates Fifth Birthday
Sunday Morning
Rescued Sloth Shows Love to Rescuer

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Movie gif. A sloth from Zootopia takes an extra long time to make an extra big smile.sloth GIFhappy sloth GIFOffice Sloth GIF by Disney ZootopiaSleep Yawn GIFRelaxed Chill GIFsloth partying GIFsloth GIFsloth eating GIFSloth Yawn GIFsloth GIFsloth GIFFall Sloth GIFhappy fire GIF by SLOTHILDAsloth GIFdreams dreaming GIFRyan Gosling Sloth GIFSomeone Sloth GIFVideo gif. A sloth is moving towards us and doing the shuffle in the aisle of a grocery store. He's dancing remarkably fast and well for a sloth. Sleepy Sloth GIF by ThirteenWNETSparkle Sloth GIFWildlife gif. A regal sloth sits in a hammock chair and asks "How about..." before he turns directly toward the camera which zooms in on his face as he finishes the sentence with "no."sloth GIFSunglasses Deal With It GIFTongue Sloth GIF
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