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Oh My Goodness!
Minnesota Teen Does the 'Griddy' While Shoveling Snow
Cat Says "Nope" to Snow Storm
One-Horse Open Sled: Kids Enjoy Snow After Storms Cover Upper Midwest

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Cartoon gif. A person walks through the snow, leaning against fierce winter wind wearing a red hooded parka and ski goggles. TV gif. Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel is standing in thigh high snow. It's actively snowing and he yells, "I've had it!" before falling backwards into the fresh, powdery snow and disappearing from view. Cartoon gif. Charlie Brown stands in a flurry of snow and sticks out his tongue to catch a flake. Video gif. It's snowing and the screen is completely whited out, save for a few snowflakes we see.Freezing Sesame Street GIF by Willem DafriendMovie gif. Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface sits behind a desk covered in cocaine, leaning back in his chair with a stern disgruntled look on his face. A superimposed smiling snowman sits on top of the cocaine, snowflakes falling all around them both. Snow Lucy GIFVideo gif. A woman in full swimming gear (a one-piece bathing suit, swim cap and goggles) takes a ready stance in her backyard, which is covered in snow. She hesitates, then dives into the snow as if she were starting a race.Digital art gif. A blizzard scene, white with snow, until a humanoid character dressed in a parka pops out, angry.TV gif. Kit Harington as Jon in Game of Thrones, wearing full winter gear, grimaces as wind and snow pummels him in an icy landscape.Video gif. Dog wearing a snow jacket looks at a snow pile on the stairs. He leaps into the snow and falls in, face first, as its tail begins to wag.Peanuts gif. Lucy stands outside, frowning and with balled-up fists at her sides, as snow falls down.Video gif. An angry, chubby cat sits at the edge of a doorway that's open. It’s snowing outside and the cat stares at the snow with disdain.  Season 3 Christmas GIF by Pee-wee HermanSeason 3 Christmas GIF by Pee-wee HermanHappy Christmas GIF by KudaberiWildlife gif. Penguin sliding forward on flat ground on its stomach.Peanuts gif. Walking through the falling snow alone, Charlie Brown looks sad and says, “I know nobody likes me.”Video gif. Black and white barren tree in the forest. Large Snowflakes gracefully fall down in droves, covering each limb of the tree. Season 2 Wow GIF by Nanalan'Video gif. Snow is falling in the woods and the snow coats all the branches of the trees around the field.South Park gif. A character from South Park is trekking towards us in a snow filled land. Snow continues to pour around him and the entire city is heavily blanketed.Digital art gif. Chunky "snow" flakes rapidly fall against a light blue background. Digital art gif. Out of focus snow particles fall gently over a cloudy dark blue to soft orange ombre background.Peanuts gif. An angry Charlie Brown, standing in the falling snow says, “Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it?”
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