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You're Gonna Make Me Cry
Oh Stop It

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Video gif. A small white owl sits on a desk with an angry-looking expression. As it squawks at us, text approximates what it may be saying: "Stahp. Stahp!" and a longer, drawn-out "Stahp!"Movie gif. Molly Ringwald as Claire in The Breakfast Club looks irked and says, "stop."game request stahp it GIFStop It Jersey Shore GIF by Jersey Shore Family Vacationstop it sherlock holmes GIFfeels bbc GIFstop GIFstop GIFnew girl stop GIFangry stop GIFVideo gif. Angry and frustrated man with a green parakeet on his shoulder yells, “STOP!” three times as we zoom closer toward his furious face.Text gif. Bubble letters with an orange and purple gradient says "Stahhhhhp."Mood Ugh GIF by ioana sopovOh Stop Penelope Cruz GIF by LoveIndieFilmsNo Problem Whatever GIF by Tennis TVVideo gif. Two cats stare and paw at each other lazily before coming to a slow stop. Text, "Stop, stop, it's awful."Meme gif. The dog in the Doge meme, a Shibu Inu, lays with his paws crossed on a sofa and looks at us. A person's finger pets his leg which causes him to start trembling and look at the hand. The room gets dark as he gets angry. Text, “Wow Stahp.”Celebrity gif. From a profile view, Doja Cat raises and flicks her right hand, coyly grinning and looking flattered. Text appears to fly out of her mouth, "Stop." Movie gif. Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem in Coming to America steps onto a road at an airport and confidently holds his hand out, a taxi braking to try and stop without hitting him.youre killing me jaime murray GIFVideo gif. A young toddler on a Korean show has a frustrated look on her face. She holds a marker with one hand and holds her other hand up. She yells, “Stop, stop!”Cartoon gif. Velma from Scooby Doo looks sternly through her thick black glasses. Text, "You stop that."stop it zsa zsa gabor GIFwake up no GIFSports gif. Young woman spaces out in the stands at an Iowa vs. Arizona college football game until she notices the camera on her and awkwardly snaps out of her daze by smiling and cheering loudly.
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