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Ice Cube Wheezing
Dog Stares Intensely at Owner as He Tries to Read
Don't Blink
Jenna Ortega Stare

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Staring Ed Helms GIF by The OfficeSerious The Four GIF by DiddyConfused Dog GIF by MOODMANThe Office gif. Leslie David Baker as Stanley Hudson looks pointedly across the room, his arms folded over his chest in a way that says, "I'm over this."Tik Tok Stare GIFStare Staring GIFDog Reaction GIFSo What No GIFShocked Conor Mcgregor GIF by UFCEvil Eye Stare GIF by MOODMANStaring Episode 5 GIF by Law & OrderFed Up Stare GIFStare What GIFShining Jack Nicholson GIFStare Blinking GIF by MOODMANNew Music Look GIF by Allison PonthierJimmy Fallon What GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonStaring Organized Crime GIF by Law & OrderMovie gif. Jack Black as Ignacio in Nacho Libre looks towards the camera with a small, tight grin, and then looks away awkwardly, pressing his lips against his teeth. Puss In Boots Hello GIF by First We Feaststaring dwayne johnson GIFVideo gif. A little girl sits at a table with her bowl and sippy cup. She stares blankly straight ahead, as a woman dressed as Snow White tries to say hi to her, smiling at her and us. The girl continues to ignore her.Staring Draymond Green GIFStare Staring GIF by MOODMANBlank Stare GIF
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