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That Escalated Quickly
National Stress Awareness Day

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Stressed Over It GIF by HULUNervous The Big Bang Theory GIFVideo gif. A small toddler with wild blonde, curly hair slumps sadly onto the side of a bed and lays her hand onto her arm, clearly sad and tired.Breathe Schitts Creek GIF by CBCStressed Too Much GIF by NewQuestFrustrated The Sopranos GIFStressed Out Reaction GIFCelebrity gif. Willem DaFoe sitting in a car, with confused eyes and a huge, unnerving grin.Stress No GIF by LauvConfused Over It GIFStressed GIF by BoJack HorsemanSeason 1 Nbc GIF by Law & OrderStressed Tom Hiddleston GIF by BBCstressed bill murray GIFStressed Out Community GIFStressed Episode 19 GIF by The SimpsonsStressed Jennifer Aniston GIF by Nick At NiteGIF by State ChampsQueen Latifah Movie GIF by filmeditorCelebrity gif. The Weeknd dressed in a red blazer, traveling frantically and looking lost in a golden, brightly lit maze of mirrors.Video gif. A baboon wearing a headset sits at a desk, busily working as he pounds his keyboard.Mental Health Crying GIF by Hello AllReality TV gif. A man from Married At First Sight rubs his face anxiously, and he slowly runs his hands down his face in an effort to calm himself.Oh No Reaction GIF by LaffStressed Out Work GIF by Quinta B
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