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Kinda Struggling A Little Bit
It's Gonna Be A Struggle
Too heavy
Give Him Some Tea

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Video gif. A yellow smiley faced mascot slowly falls to their knees to try to pick up the sign that’s on the sidewalk. The mascot loses their balance and falls backwards. Struggling Season 2 GIF by Law & OrderStruggling Marsai Martin GIF by ABC NetworkDigital art gif. A humanoid blob bounces awkwardly on its booty, and struggles to regain balance.Soccer Fail GIF by College of Natural Sciences, UT AustinStorm Struggling GIF by VeeFriendsmasterchef junior struggle GIF by HULUStrength Wrestle GIF by Calvin KleinCycling Struggling GIF by SporzaKitchen Struggling GIF by ListenMiCaribbeanHelp Me Ugh GIF by CameoKawaii gif. A cute shrimp tempura with a pleading face squirms between the chopsticks that it’s being held by. Text, “stop!”Sports gif. A motocross rider is covered in dirt and is trying to get past a hill. He guns the engine but it stalls out and the bike falls, bringing the rider down with it. Text, "Don't give up!"Cartoon gif. 2 grimacing Manga Dragon Ball characters with blue hair face off. They lock eyes as their fists push against each other.Gordon Ramsay Cooking GIF by FOX TVMood Fml GIF by Red BullSleepy City Girl GIF by Super DeluxeHalloween No GIF by pikaoleangry struggle GIF by NBCcope hand in hand GIF by lillenTim Burton Halloween GIF by FreeformSit Up Banana GIFHappy Wake Up GIF by San Diego Zoo Wildlife AllianceFall Falling GIF by Red BullDigital art gif. A 3D rendering of a fisherman sitting on a bucket at the edge of a dock, struggling to reposition his fishing rod after the fish has gotten away. Text, "Yikes!"
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