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Stupid River | Season 33 Ep. 13 | THE SIMPSONS
You're Stupid
That Is Stupid
We Don't Remember

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Randy Orton Reaction GIF by WWETV gif. Mario Lopez as Slater on Saved by the Bell runs down his high school steps with football in hand, points at us, and says, “stupid.”Movie gif. Jim Carrey as Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber slaps his forehead in frustration.Movie gif. In a scene from Forrest Gump, Jennie as a little girl sits next to Forest on a school bus looking genuinely confused and concerned, saying "Are you stupid or something?'Movie gif. A proud-looking Lloyd Bridges as Admiral Benson in Hot Shots sees no issue with cleaning his ears by pulling a cloth all the way through his head.Dance Dancing GIF by Rosanna PansinoClassic Reaction GIFstupid youtube GIFThe Simpsons gif. An x-ray closeup of Homer's head, a Jolly Chimp monkey toy banging cymbals and doing flips where Homer's brain should be.Video gif. Justin Andrews from the podcast Mind Pump looks disparagingly at us and uses his hands to make a rainbow gesture over his head, as a rainbow and text appears, saying "that's stupid."SNL gif. Melissa Villaseñor wears a demon costume with horns as she facepalms and says, "I'm so stupid."Tom Hanks Dipshit GIFComputer Animation Reaction GIF by Job, Joris & MariekeIdiot Cam Smith GIFAmazon Prime Video GIF by SaltburnGene Simmons Stupidity GIF by TrueRealFun Yes GIF by Lilly SinghCelebrity gif. Punkie Johnson holds a mic up to her mouth and furrows her brow as she says, “I am dumb.”Movie gif. Marilyn Monroe as Sugar in Some Like It Hot taps the side of her head with wide eyes. She shakes her head and says, “Not very bright.”Adventure Time Unicorn GIFAngry Gi Joe GIFstupid nene leakes GIFstupid quotes GIFangry adam sandler GIFTV gif. Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell sits in class and doesn't bother to hide his boredom as he rolls his eyes to the back of his head.
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