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Custom-Made Annabelle Doll
Custom-Made Annabelle Doll

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Fear Panic GIF by Diego FaraoSpongeBob gif. SpongeBob shudders and blinks with wide eyes as he lays in bed with the covers pulled up under his nose.Chavo Del 8 Susto GIF by Grupo Chespiritosusto qu GIFScared Anthony Anderson GIF by ABC NetworkThe Simpsons gif. Homer is frozen, standing very still, with a blank expression on his face. He slowly slides himself backwards into a bush to disappear and hide.Movie gif. The blonde pig-tailed Annabelle doll from Annabelle slowly turns its scarred and bloody face. TV gif. Kermit the Frog from The Muppets chews on his frog fingers as if he has fingernails and trembles in fear. Video gif. Black dog lies on the floor looking up over its shoulder with cartoonish wide eyes that move around as the camera zooms.susto coca GIF by Luccas NetoSusto Popcorn GIF by DKISSBobcat Goldthwait Omg GIF by truTV’s Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits & MonstersVideo gif. A smiling baby jerks as if scared and its eyes grow wide as it stares in shock. SNL gif. We see a close-up of Maya Rudolph's face. She's wearing a blonde wig and has an expression of extreme horror and fear, her mouth slightly ajar.papa abuelo GIFWile E Coyote Scare GIF by Looney TunesCartoon gif. Jerry on Tom and Jerry shakes in terror as his limbs stay stiff and his eyes bug out. Cartoon gif. A very nervous man with long hair and glasses holds one hand to his head as he breathes into a paper bag.Scare What Is Happening GIFScared Boo GIFNo Way What GIFTrick Or Treat Halloween GIFScared 90 Day Fiance GIF by TLC EuropeFrighten Les As De La Jungle GIF by tatprodMovie gif. Jim Carrey as Fletcher Reede from Liar Liar clutches his face as he leans away in playful horror.
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