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Movie gif. Robert Hays as Ted from Airplane! sweats vigorously, the perspiration dripping down his face and soaking his clothes. He wipes his hand over his brow, to no avail.sweating key and peele GIFTV gif. Jordan Peele in Key and Peele stares unblinkingly to the side as sweat pours profusely down his face. A steady stream drips off his eyebrow. Sweating James Mcavoy GIFVideo gif. A boy sits at a lunch table at school. He looks at us with a creepy grin, keeping his top lip tight to his teeth and his lower lip popped out. He grabs a napkin and pats his forehead with it, not breaking eye contact with us.Video gif. A wet golden retriever faces left as its simulated puppet arm wipes its face with a napkin.Cartoon gif. Ren from Ren and Stimpy sweating and trembling, looking extremely nervous.sweat sweating GIF by Doctor PopularReality TV gif. Robert Brotherton on My Unorthodox Life waving at himself and saying, "Hot, very hot."Cartoon gif. An animation of a woman in her bra and underwear sitting on the floor in front of a fan, her orange hair blowing out behind her as she finds relief from heat.