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Tears Of Unfathomable Sadness
Miss you already
Exxtra Hot: A Single Tear

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TV gif. Christina Hendricks as Beth on Good Girls cradles a throw pillow as she lies on the arm of a couch, staring off blankly and crying.Sad Illustration GIF by Emilia SchettinoThe Office Crying GIFVideo gif. Woman sobs and blows her nose with a wad of tissues as a stream of cartoon tears gush from her eyes and splash over a tissue box in front of a violet background.Happy Tears Love GIF by Bare Tree MediaSad Tim Robinson GIF by The Lonely IslandVideo gif. A sad boy looks down as a single tear rolls down his face. He turns away.Video gif. Black and white close-up of an eye with long lashes and a tear slipping out.Sad Whats Going On GIF by Marvin GayeHang In There Fish GIF by GIPHY Studios 2023ikko tanaka crying GIF by Fluffy IdiotGIF by Bachelor in ParadiseAnime gif. A young girl is sobbing and the camera is zoomed in on her so all we can see are her glistening eyes, sobbing mouth, and tears streaming down her face.Illustrated gif. A woman's head in profile deeply frowns as tears well up in her eye and drop down her face.Sad Steven Universe GIFJohn Boehner Crying GIFSad Jurnee Smollett GIF by Lovecraft Countrysad jennifer lopez GIFDallas Cowboys Crying GIF by NFLSad Adventure Time GIFBeyonce Crying GIFMovie gif. Three quick zoom-ins on Tobey Maguire's face as he sheds a single tear.cry baby love GIF by John ArturSad Music Video GIFSad Naruto GIF
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