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The End
That’s suspicious, that’s weird
That's So Raven - Visions
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Movie gif. Tom Hardy as Max in Mad Max sits in the driver's seat of a car with several others. He shakes his head and points out the windshield. "That's bait," he says, which appears as text.Celebrity gif. Robby Novak as Kid President scowls playfully and says, "That's not a word."The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott lifts an alcoholic drink up, points to someone, and winks suavely. Celebrity gif. Bowler Pete Weber with sunglasses on turns his head to look at us and give a firm nod saying "That's right." TV gif. Jerry Seinfeld on Seinfeld sits comfortably on a couch munching on popcorn. He has a bored expression on his face when he turns to sarcastically say, “that’s a shame.”Movie gif. Gru in Despicable Me 2 gestures emphatically with his arms crossing in front of himself as he says, "That's right, baby!"The Office gif. David Koechner as Packer nods knowingly towards Steve Carell as Michael, who breaks into a smile and says, “That’s what she said.” An exasperated Melora Hardin as Jan puts her hand to her forehead and says, “oh my god.”Video gif. An uncomfortable young girl tries to hold onto an overflowing bottle of Diet Coke.TV gif. Seth Meyers on Late Night slams his hand on his desk as he laughs at himself, and says, “that’s a perfect joke” to the cameraVideo gif. A brown goat with super long horns that curve behind it uses the tip of one of its horns to scratch its butt. Wildlife gif. Several prairie dogs chow down.South Park gif. Eric is standing at the front of a classroom and points at Kyle, who is seated behind him, and says, "That's right." Cartoon gif. An anime scene of a troubled girl with black hair and a monocle, being consoled by girls on either side of her. The girl with dark brown hair on the left speaks cheerfully with eyes closed, while the girl with light brown pigtails on the right stoically rubs the troubled girl's head.Animal gif. A black and white cat claws a roll of toilet paper to tatters. Sports gif. On the sidelines of a hockey game, an older man in a suit points offscreen repeatedly, growing more enthusiastic as he does.Video gif. A man with a food cart carves a big block of ice and shovels it into a cone shaped mold. He takes the mold off and has created a cone shaped snow cone on a stick. He then pulls spoons out of jars of thick syrup, letting the syrup drip back into the jars. He twirls the snow cone under the syrup to create a swirled design on the cone. He repeats this a few times with different colored syrups and hands the snow cone off once it’s completely covered. Text gif. The text, “country girl’ is written in a a shimmery hunting camouflage pattern. On the C of country, a lasso is wrapped around the bottom of the letter. A cowboy hat sits on top of the G of girl. A pair of black cowboy boots, a belt buckle, and a brown horse with a saddle on its back surround the text.Political gif. A photo of Barack Obama with his eyes closed is edited to emphasize the movement one of his signature expressions, the upside-down smile with his chin jutting out.Family Familia GIFLook What GIFThats GIFSeinfeld gif. Wayne Knight as Newman stands in Jerry's doorway, angry, as Jerry says sarcastically, "Oh, that's a shame."React What GIFThats What GIFVideo gif. Man jumps and turns towards us, landing with two thumbs up and a sarcastic expression on his face.
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