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Sheep Thumbs GIFDigital art gif. A giant green hand with legs smiles happily and bounces, giving a big thumbs up.Celebrity gif. Simon Cowell stands up after a performance and enthusiastically applauds and flashes two thumbs up.SpongeBob SquarePants gif. SpongeBob smiles and gives two thumbs up, and then a dozen more hands giving thumbs up bud out from all sides of his body. Text, "Many thumbs up."Pilot Ok GIF by Foo FightersTV gif. Kristen Bell as Eleanor in The Good Place. She smiles broadly and looks very encouraging. She shoots someone a hearty, two-thumbs up. Ad gif. Man with a beard and a plaid button up shirt stands next to a rocky river in the wilderness. He looks at us with a smug smile, holding a Busch beer in one hand, giving a big thumbs up with the other.Excited Up And Up GIF by Slanted StudiosThumbs Ok GIF by Alexandre NartSesame Street gif. Ernie looks at us, smiling widely and giving a big thumbs up.Celebrity gif. Paul McCartney smiles with his hand up in acknowledgement, then gives a thumbs up. Text, "All good."Cartoon gif. A bearded man in a red hoodie glances at us. We zoom out as he gives us a big, eyes-closed grin and a thumbs up. After a second, he nods.Video gif. Slightly creepy animated portrait photo of Ronald McDonald, a red haired, white faced clown, raising his eyebrows and open mouth smiling. His head bobbles to one side as his arms raise to give two large thumbs up.Cartoon gif. An animated drawing of a hand raised in a thumbs up is on screen for a few seconds, then moves down out of frame and then back to its original position in a perfect loop. Positivity Ok GIF by Jeremy Speed SchwartzTV gif. Woman on the Detour looks at someone, pursing her lips sarcastically as she gives a thumbs up.nicky ricky dicky dawn thumbs up GIF by NickelodeonCelebrity gif. Chris Gethard is standing at Washington Square Park and he looks at us with a smile with shooting us a double thumbs up.Thumbs Ok GIF by Just ApeCelebrity gif. Taylor Swift looks at us and opens her mile to mile widely as she holds two thumbs up.Video gif. An elderly man in suspenders smiles as he holds up two thumbs as if saying good luck. SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob pretends to crank his fist like a jack-in-the-box, and his thumb rises and pops out for a thumbs up. He then gestures to his thumb like "eh? What do you think?"Illustrated gif. A hand appears and holds up an oversized thumb, giving us a thumbs up.Video gif. Woman looks at us with a smile grin and holds two big thumbs up towards us.John Boehner Ok GIF
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