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Baby Relaxes in Pool
Sleepy Cherries
Bear Enjoys Leisurely Wake Up at South Lake Tahoe

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Wildlife gif. Sleepy monkey rests on a tree branch and opens its mouth in a huge yawn, dark hand scratching its eyes and head. Video gif. A small toddler with wild blonde, curly hair slumps sadly onto the side of a bed and lays her hand onto her arm, clearly sad and tired.TV gif. Don Knotts as Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show turns around after facing a radio, and reveals his tired, almost corpse-like face and disheveled hair. He has his hands over his face then drags them down his face in agony. TV gif. Kevin James as Doug Heffernan in King of Queens stands on a floor cushion in workout clothes. He drops to his knees and face plants into the cushion like he's completely exhausted.TV gif. In a scene from Married at First Sight, we slowly zoom in on Mark Maher, aka "Mark the Shark", who wears a gray inside-out t-shirt. Pensively holding his head in his hand, he doesn't look especially thrilled.Cartoon gif. Tom of Tom and Jerry sluggishly looks down at a roll of tape. He takes two pieces and tapes his eyelids way back on his head so they are as wide as they can be.Movie gif. Boss Baby sits in his high chair with his head back as he sleeps lifelessly. His tongue is falling out of his mouth and his eyes are rolled back. His big head rolls around and falls flat onto the table, jerking him awake. He’s now back in business, like he was never asleep, and picks up his file to read it better.Video gif. A little girl lies face down on the floor. With one hand, she clings to the pole of a small, rotating carousel, and is dragged in a circle.The Office gif. John Krasinski as Jim sits at his desk typing slowly. We can see Jenna Fischer as Pam at her desk in the background. Jim slowly gives up, planting his face on his desk, and Pam smiles in reaction in the background.Video gif. A man sits in front of a computer with his hand on the mouse, falling asleep and then tipping over onto the ground, taking the mouse with him.Video gif. A sleepy baby sitting on a couch falls face forward on the couch.TV gif. Patricia Heaton as Frankie in The Middle. She stands in front of a bed and closes her eyes, exhausted. She flops down, face first onto the bed, and bounces slightly with the impact. Movie gif. Boo from Monsters, Inc. sleepily stares as her heavy eyelids droop lower and lower with every blink.TV gif. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina in Veep looks groggy as she sits up in bed with disheveled hair.Star Wars gif. R2-D2 tips over, face planting into the ground.Celebrity gif. Wendy Williams on the Wendy Williams Show leans onto a table with her hand on her forehead. She blinks her eyes, annoyed, and looks away as she says, “You’re exhausting me.”Video gif. A golden retriever puppy sits lazily on a sofa. His eyes are closed and he pants like he’s smiling. He’s slowly falling asleep as his head and body droop down as he tries to keep his head up. Text, “the struggle to stay awake is real.”Disney gif. Tiana from Princess and the Frog plops onto a bed face-first, completely worn out.Disney gif. Donald Duck sits up in bed with half open eyes. He closes them as goes to lay back down and pulls the covers over him to hide. Video gif. A little girl in a swimsuit lies down on wet sand. Text, "I take a nap right here."Video gif. Sloth lays on its side a white blanket and yawns slowly with its eyes barely open.Celebrity gif. Jim Gaffigan flashes an "ok" sign with his hand, then yawns while nodding his head yes and giving a thumbs up.TV gif. In a scene from Seksenler, we see a sleeping person resting their head on the back of their hand, squishing their cheek a bit. They stir slightly.Video gif. A woman hangs her head over the steering wheel in her car and cries. Text, “I'm tired.”Animal gif. A grey and white cat slouches tiredly on a couch as a paw rests on its white belly.
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