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It's been 84 years...
Jack & Rose Dance
The Bow Of The Titanic
Titanic's 25th Anniversary

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titanic kate winslet GIFtitanic night GIFtitanic leonardo dicaprio GIFMeme gif. Gloria Stuart as Rose on Titanic with her eyes closed and solemn, saying, "It's been 84 years..."Titanic Movie Rose GIF by Titanictitanic GIFtitanic Underground flooding GIFTitanic GIFSub Titan GIF by StoryfulArt Illustration GIF by LookHUMANSub Titan GIF by StoryfulSinking Leonardo Dicaprio GIFAtlantic Ocean Footage GIF by Storyfultitanic revolutionary road GIFtitanic james cameron GIFtitanic GIFtitanic leonardo dicaprio GIFtitanic GIFMovie gif. Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack in Titanic raises his eyebrows and exhales. Text, "okay..."titanic kate winslet GIFAtlantic Ocean Footage GIF by Storyfultitanic GIFkate winslet flirting GIFtitanic leonardo dicaprio GIFtitanic leonardo dicaprio GIF
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