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Coin Grow GIF by Persist venturesFashion Logo GIF by Persist venturesLogo Blogging GIF by Persist venturesCelebrity gif. Zoom in on Debbie Aderinkomi, who has her back to us. She spins around for a stylish and playfully serious greeting with her arms folded, and says: "It's trending."TV gif. Tori Spelling as herself from BH90210 wears a red jacket with a grid pattern. She speaks to us with a smile from across a table. Text, "We are trending right now."Sarcastic Comedy GIF by Amazon miniTVHappy News GIF by Persist venturesSarcastic Comedy GIF by Amazon miniTVCat Love GIF by NGcorpvtcComedy Waiting GIF by Amazon miniTVSarcastic Not Me GIF by Amazon miniTVSarcastic Pankaj Tripathi GIF by Bombay SoftwaresTV gif. Sitting in a courthouse chair, Badshah on Case Toh Banta Hai presses his palms together expectantly. Text, in Hindi, reads "Bas kar bhai."Illustrated gif. Hand holding a syringe rises from the bottom and presses the plunger, pushing a red heart out of the needle.Happy Love You GIF by Plus PPLTV gif. Kavin Dave on Indian show Case Toh Banta Hai, wearing a red hat and tunic, holding a scepter and waving his hand. Text in Hindi, "Chal chal apne baap ko mat sikha."Sarcastic Pankaj Tripathi GIF by Amazon miniTVDigital illustration gif. White cat leans in to kiss a happy gray cat wiggling its ears who jumps back in surprise at the kiss. A few red hearts flap like they have wings as they kissed. Sarcastic Sahi Hai GIF by Amazon miniTVSarcastic Get Out GIF by Amazon miniTVAngry Pankaj Tripathi GIF by Amazon miniTVDance Trend GIFlife in pieces review GIFSarcastic Allu Arjun GIF by Amazon miniTVHappy Love You GIF by Plus PPL
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