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Political gif. Donald Trump nods his head. He smiles smugly as he glances to the side.Video gif. At a presidential debate, Donald Trump stands behind a podium, narrows his eyes and takes a sip of water from a clear glass.Video gif. Donald Trump stands behind a microphone in front of American flags, giving a smug smile as he shrugs and raises his arms like he doesn't have an answer. Political gif. Donald Trump makes some goofy faces: taken aback, impish, and one where he just sort of leaves his mouth open.Video gif. With an animated body that is playing tennis while twerking, Donald Trump makes a surprised face.Video gif. An upset Donald Trump holds up a finger at the audience as he speaks into a microphone. Text, "This is not going to end well."Political gif. Donald Trump coldly shakes his head as he speaks to right of frame. Text, "Nobody cares."TV gif. Donald Trump stands in front of a mic at a presidential debate. He bites his cheek with an unamused look on his face, and then swats his hand to dismiss what he had just heard.TV gif. Donald Trump stands at a mic during a presidential debate. He turns his body towards the camera with a bit of a baffled expression, and says into the microphone, “well, that’s a big statement!” Donald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsVideo gif. Donald Trump stands at a microphone and smirks. A smile on his face gradually spreads into a toothy grin with the tip of his tongue poking out. Political gif. Donald Trump wears a suit and stands at a microphone that he adjusts as he says, "I don't take responsibility at all." Donald Trump Wow GIF by GIPHY NewsPolitical gif. Donald Trump nods his head slightly before opening his mouth and letting it hang there in disbelief.Struggling Donald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsDonald Trump GIF by PBS NewsHourDonald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsPolitical gif. Donald Trump, during a debate, stands with boths hands on a podium, shaking his head. He says, "I can't go along with that," which also appears as text.Political gif. Donald Trump leans forward with his hands extended, palms facing as he appears to utter "yuge". Text in all caps, "yuge".Enjoy It Donald Trump GIF by GIPHY NewsElection 2016 Dance GIF by Chris PiascikPolitical gif. Donald Trump during a presidential debate leans into the microphone with a serious face and says, “wrong.”Donald Trump Thank You GIF by PBS NewsHourPolitical gif. On the debate stage, a disappointed Donald Trump shakes his head sadly and says, “Oh you just don't know.”Political gif. Donald Trump speaks into a microphone at a presidential debate. He has a concerned look on his face as he says, “I'm not going to allow that to happen.”
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