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Go to hell.
Keystrokes | Season 33 Ep. 4 | THE SIMPSONS
I don't think anybody would believe this story

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Jim Carrey Reaction GIFCat Reaction GIF by reactionseditorWorking Kermit The Frog GIFWorking Out Of Office GIF by This GIF Is HauntedCat Reaction GIFComputer Type GIF by CYBERWARFrustrated On The Internet GIF by Offline Granny!Video gif. A cat sits at a table in front of a laptop, banging its little arms on the keyboard as if it were furiously typing.Video gif. A Shiba Inu is flopped on a sofa, leaned up on a pillow and under a blanket. A laptop rests on his lap and he flops his paws over the keyboard like he’s typing. He doesn't look at the laptop screen though and just looks at us with a lazy expression.Working Jim Carrey GIFTyping Working GIFWork From Home Animation GIF by ListenMiCaribbeanFamily Guy gif. Peter Griffin frowns as he tries to type with long press-on nails.Send Tom Hanks GIF9-5 Work GIF by Adult SwimVideo gif. A black cat with white paws busily types at a laptop.Working Home Office GIF by CaatsChatting Napoleon Dynamite GIFComputer Working GIFAnime gif. Chi from Chi's Sweet Home types on a keyboard with excitement, an open smile and wide eyes.Working Cartoon Network GIFSerious In The Zone GIF by LAIKA StudiosTom Hanks Computer GIFtyping email GIFComputer Working GIF
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