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The Office gif. Leslie David Baker as Stanley turns his head and slowly rolls his eyes with the most irritated, tired expression on his face. TV gif. Charlie on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia closes his eyes as he rubs his temples before one eye pops open.Celebrity gif. Leslie Jones looks at us with a bored look on his face as he says, “Well, shit.”Video gif. A bearded man sits at the head of a table throws a pen and pops his hands to his face in clear frustration.TV gif. Max Greenfield as Schmidt in New Girl rolls his head back as he flops over in a chair. Text, "Ughhhh."Reality TV gif. Corinne from the Bachelor sits in a confessional. She rolls her eyes and throws her head back dramatically, exasperated or tired of the drama. Can't blame her, really.Reality TV gif. A woman on Married at First Sight lifts her wine glass high to take a sip. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head, super annoyed. Celebrity gif. Nick Kroll dressed as a blonde woman is staring downwards, lips pursed in disappointment and eyes wide in annoyance.Movie gif. Wearing a red flannel shirt, Ryan Reynolds rolls his eyes and tilts his head back as if to say "come on, really?"Celebrity gif. Yara Shahidi at the Paley Center for Media sits and leans onto the armrest of a chair. She rolls her eyes and huffs out a big sigh, placing her hand on her temple in frustration.Video gif. Machine that bangs a wooden head against a brick repeatedly.Reality TV gif. Mark Cuban on Shark Tank winces in second hand embarrassment and face palms into his hand.Celebrity gif. Bryan Cranston smiles then turns away to say, "FUCK," while using his hands and gesturing at the air.Video gif. A little girl lies face down on the floor. With one hand, she clings to the pole of a small, rotating carousel, and is dragged in a circle.Celebrity gif. An annoyed Kevin Hart stands behind a microphone with head tilted to one side, tongue pushing against his bottom lip as his gaze shifts to the side. TV gif. Marc Maron as Sam Sylvia from GLOW is dressed appropriately as he stands on a tennis court holding a racquet and shrugs with disappointment.Reality TV gif. Lauren Conrad on The Hills blankly gazes ahead as if displeased as she bites her bottom lip. Oscar The Grouch Idk GIF by Sesame StreetMovie gif. Black and white shot of Kay Johnson as Mrs. Angela Brooks in Madam Satan holds a stair banister and dramatically drops her head to her arm as if reacting to horrifying sad news.Video gif. A very small and round Bulldog puppy sits on his butt on a bed. He has his big head leaning on a pillow, but he is too tired and doesn't have the strength to keep it up. His head falls straight into the blanket and he lays there flopped in exhaustion. As he falls, the text, “ughhhhh” appears.Movie gif. Ron Livingston as Peter in Office Space looks around, closes his eyes, then opens them with a sigh.Sarah Michelle Gellar Ugh GIF by MOODMANCelebrity gif. Close up on Actress Zendaya’s face. She’s in the corner of her eye with a look of disgust, then rolls her eyes.Celebrity gif. Reese Witherspoon rolls her eyes and rotates her head in a big circle to show how annoyed she is.TV gif. Max Greenfield as Schmidt in New Girl. He looks utterly disgusted and his face is contorted as if he's about to hurl at the sight of what he's seeing.
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