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Photo gif. A young boy wearing a yellow t-shirt poses for a school picture. He's not smiling, but rather looking straight into the camera with a bored, over-it expression. The photo has been edited to make it appear as if he's slowly blinking.Unimpressed Viola Davis GIFunimpressed oprah GIFVideo gif. A blonde woman with a cold, calculating stare sips a drink through a straw without changing her expression.Movie gif. Will Ferrell as Ron in Anchorman smirks as he turns and lights a cigarette. Text, "I don't believe you."Video gif. Woman rolls her eyes in annoyance, shakes her head, and makes a shaking motion with her fist as if making fun of someone.TV gif. Mary-Kate Olsen as Michelle on Full House rolls her eyes and tips her head as her mouth hangs open in an irreverent expression.unimpressed GIFCelebrity gif. Joey Bada$$ gives us a serene smile before looking up and waving his arms in a rainbow. Text appears over the rainbow, saying, "Truly don't care" and it dissolves into sparkles.Unimpressed Beauty And The Beast GIFUnimpressed Bored To Death GIFMovie gif. Rachel McAdams as Regina from Mean Girls. She stares at someone incredulously before shrugging her shoulders and getting up, announcing, "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries."Beyonce No GIFUnimpressed As If GIF by MOODMANSarcastic Tim And Eric GIFSeinfeld gif. Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine looking impatient and bored out of her mind, making circles with her wrists and sticking out her tongue as if to say "get on with it."TV gif. Simon Cowell as judge on American Idol stars in open-mouthed boredom with a glazed expression on his face. Mtv Reaction GIFSam The Eagle Burn GIFCelebrity gif. Brunette Jennifer Lawrence wears a lowcut cobalt blue dress as she disinterestedly rolls her eyes and tosses her head, saying, "Whatever."History Of The World Part I Shrug GIFunimpressed chris farley GIFSarcastic GIF by MOODMANrobert downey jr laughing GIFTV gif. Kel Mitchell as Ed in Good Burger. His mouth is agape and he blinks slowly, as if he's entirely bored of the situation or conversation.
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