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Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey wearing a red and black plaid shirt holding a can of Busch Light beer at his chest. He takes a long, deep breath as if he's taking in the beautiful mountain scenery around him, exhaling with a smile and nod, looking around with wonder and appreciation. Text, "TGIF."Movie gif. Bradley Cooper as Phil in The Hangover power walking away from a school, waves off a student saying "I don't know you, you do not exist."Sports gif. Ryan Sheckler, a professional skateboarder,  lays on his stomach on his skateboard and rides through a water fountain, whooping as the water hits him. He's completely drenched, and the text reads, "Weekend here I come!"Cartoon gif. Minion wearing purple sunglasses and dancing sexy.Video gif. A woman wearing office attire, reaches down her shirt and pulls her bra out, holding a wine bottle and glass in the other hand. She twirls the bra over her head with a huge smile on her face. Text, "Ready for the weekend."Video game gif. Five Rabbids from Mario, one wearing a blonde wig, dance happily outside. Text, "Weekend!"Video gif. A stout young boy in a suit rides down a small slide, crashing with a bounce at the bottom. Text, "Weekend, here I come."Video gif. A flamboyance of flamingos strut across shallow water. Their heads swivel as repeated text pops up as if coming from them. Text, "Weekend?"Text gif. The words, "Weekend Vibes" appear to bounce up and down against a purple background. The phrase is surrounded with a sparkling black border and the words are colored in '80s-style pink, blue and yellow stripes.Text gif. Against a dusty dark blue background, surrounded by multicolor decorative asterix, the text reads "Have a happy/relaxing/sunny/great/relaxing weekend!" The gif cycles through the five adjectives, one after another. Video gif. A man jauntily walks along a paved road in an empty vast desert. Video gif. A cheerful little girl can barely contain a big, toothy smile as she shyly looks away from us. Text, "It's the weekend!," followed by a heart.Celebrity gif. Musician Paul McCartney stretches out his arms and lays back on the ground. Text, "And...relax!"Video gif. Two elderly women sit on a couch with bottles of liquor and dance as they drink. Video gif. A gray and white cat stares at a window then suddenly begins to leap and claw excitedly. Text flashes, "It's Friday."Movies gif. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are walking backwards out of a restaurant. They're in sync as they march their way out.Drew Carey Friday GIFVideo gif. A little boy gets big air from riding up a bike ramp and lands on a grassy lawn. Text, "flying into the weekend like."Video gif. Footage of a cyclist riding their bike down a steep grassy hill with the text, "Friday." Halfway down the hill, the text changes to, "Saturday." As they get to the bottom of the hill at the street, the text changes to, "Sunday." A car hits the cyclist, and the text changes to, "Monday."Text gif. A Kilroy drawing of a man peering over a fence flashes blue then white with the words “have a great weekend!” beneath him. The background then changes to a sunburst.TV gif. Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey looks ahead confused. Text, "What is a week end?"Friday Night Happy Dance GIFText gif. Block letters and gently flashing cursive spell out "Happy weekend" in pastel colors.Movie gif. Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, an elderly white man in a loud plaid suit, dances obnoxiously to a live band among elegant partygoers. He dips and sways his hips, snapping his fingers erratically and making cartoonish facial expressions. Peanuts gif. Woodstock the bird relaxes with sunglasses on in a white lawn chair. Text, "Relax! It's the weekend."
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