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Movie gif. Mike Myers as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers raises one eyebrow skeptically and says, "Right..."Celebrity gif. Paul Rudd wears a suit while being interviewed and he leans back in the sofa with a comedic unimpressed expression on his face while shrugging and waving a hand dismissively.Movie gif. Rachel McAdams as Regina from Mean Girls. She stares at someone incredulously before shrugging her shoulders and getting up, announcing, "Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries."TV gif. In grainy black and white, a woman wearing a sparkling dress and ornate necklace rolls her eyes and gives a dismissive wave with a smile.Movie gif. Jeff Bridges as The Dude from The Big Lebowski. He lounges in the back of a car in comfy clothes and looks extremely nonchalant as he tosses his hands in the car and says, "I can't be worried about that shit. Life goes on, man."the hangover allan GIFPhoto gif. Big white cat leans face against a wooden furniture leg, with wide eyes. Text zooms across the screen, "watever."GIF by UFCMr Johnson Whatever GIF by ABC NetworkPolitical gif. Barack Obama gestures in disbelief, holding both hands up and looking around as if to ask, “are you serious?”Movie gif. Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance in The Shining, sits reeling in rattled bewilderment.Friends gif. Matt Leblanc as Joey shugs and gives a large frown as if he doesn't really care.Celebrity gif. Mike Dirnt of Green Day looks at us with open arms, shrugging. Text, "Whatever."sophie turner whatever GIF by Team CocoMovie gif. Jack Black as Nacho from Nacho Libre makes a bitter face at us, then speaks, looking around carelessly. Text, "Whatever."Billie Joe Armstrong Whatever GIF by Green DayAd gif. KJ Apa as Archie on Riverdale looks at us raises his eyebrows and turns away quickly to leave as he says, "Fine, whatever..."Video gif. Gerbert the Puppet sighs and says, "Whatever."Hocus Pocus Whatever GIF by RegalMovie gif. Elisa Donovan as Amber Mariens in Clueless standing in front of a chalkboard and wearing a feathered headband and coat, makes a "W" sign with her fingers and spits out the word, "Whatever." She's over it.Celebrity gif. Selena Gomez raises her eyebrows and shrugs indifferently, sitting on a couch.Spongebob Squarepants Whatever GIF by MashedThe Office Whatever GIFno big deal whatever GIF by Stefflon DonParks and Recreation gif. Nick Offerman as Ron squints and scoffs and partially flips open his clasped hands as if to say "whatever."
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