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Happy Birthday to You !
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday To You...
Happy Birthday

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Illustrated gif. A person in red and a person in white embrace each other completely. Text, "I wish I could hug you."wis GIF by SB NationSpongeBob gif. Wearing a green baseball cap, Patrick smiles at us while waving a bright green pennant and a yellow foam finger.Wishbone GIF by Julie WinegardDigital art gif. Line drawing animation of two hands holding up two fingers each. The fingers of each hand cross and stretch to the point where they are coiling around each other. Text, "Fingers crossed!"Peanuts gif. Snoopy the dog dances against a red background, shaking his head back and forth and moving his arms side to side. Text, "Good luck" followed by a smile emoticondeloittecanada womeninstem wis deloittewissummit deloittewis GIFwillisturingan wo willis wang willis turingan GIFwillisturingan wo willis wang wis GIFjon stewart wish GIFJack Black Advice GIFOperation Christmas Child Occ GIF by Samaritan's PurseOperation Christmas Child Occ GIF by Samaritan's PurseAsl State GIFCollege Football GIF by Sealed With A GIFdeloittecanada womeninstem wis deloittewissummit deloittewis GIFMovie gif. Liam Neeson as Bryan from Taken, phone to his ear, looks into the distance menacingly as he says, "Good luck." We might surmise that he isn't really wishing them the best of luck.Movie gif. Chris Evans as Captain America gives us a slightly confused salute. Text, "Good luck."Dog 90S GIFSpongeBob gif. Spongebob grins with wide eyes, looking forward and repeatedly raising a hand with a thumbs up. Text, "Good Luck."Star Wars gif. Harrison Ford as Han Solo gives us a little salute as he wishes us: Text, "Good luck."Wish You Were Here GIFOh No What GIF by Wisconsin BadgersBest Wishes Good Luck GIF by MOODMANCollege Football GIF by Wisconsin Badgers
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