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Tommy Is Doing Good
Do I Even Like My Job?
Utility Worker Serenades Retirement Home Resident for 94th Birthday
They Don't Wanna Give Us Any of It

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Digital art gif. A fist of solidarity, rings of color radiating outward, text on the inside of the wrist and forearm like a tattoo reads, "Worker's rights are human rights."Angry Office GIFsniper roof GIF by South Park Monday Beginning GIFMovie gif. A worker on an electric utility pole smiling and dancing, thrusting his hips.Flintstones gif. Caveman foreman pulls a prehistoric work whistle, a string attached to a bird whose beak opens wide and yells, “Take a break and go vote.” Fred Flintstone smiles and waves his arms in celebration and says, “Yabadabadoo!” as he hurries away.Fast Food Eating GIF by jjjjjohnSorry Construction GIF by South ParkUnion Unionize GIF by All BetterDigital art gif. Woman dressed in thick layers with a blue jacket, long pants, a yellow bandana scarf, and a red cap works outside underneath the bright sun and tends to the grass with a farming tool.Thanks Mask GIF by Richie BrownDigital art gif. Animated older man with a white beard kneels in the grass while holding a basket filled with fresh tomatoes. We can see his happy eyes underneath his sunhat.Video gif. Man theatrically presses a button on his keyboard and leans back in his office chair as he looks at us, exasperated.Illustrated gif. Shovel stuck in grass patch. Shifting text reads, "We depend on farmworkers," against a peachy beige background.Tax The Rich GIF by INTO ACTIONText gif. Text reading, "Farmworkers" is written in a blocky, bold orange font with a heart replacing the O. Right below, written in a green cursive font, more text reads, "feed the world" and is aesthetically decorated with green leaves.Stressed Bad Day GIFFarm Workers Food GIF by Denyse®Postal Worker Thanks GIF by Richie Browntired white collar GIF by takadabearDigital art gif. Sliced avocado surrounded by two sparkles and text, "Gracias Campesina."Illustrated gif. Vibrant orange and green letters reading, "Gracias Campesino" arcs around a bright avocado while a yellow diamond star dots each side.Food Thanks GIF by Richie BrownThanks Quarantine GIF by Richie BrownThanks Quarantine GIF by Richie Brown
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