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Kenan Thompson Yes GIF by Paramount+Movie gif. John C. Reilly as Dale in Step Brothers looks at Will Ferrell, whose back is turned to us and gives an enthusiastic, but serious, “yep!” Oscars 2024 GIF. Jodie Foster, seated at the Oscars, nods in emphatic admission, reiterating, “It’s true.”Season 3 Nbc GIF by Law & OrderMovie gif. A bewildered, pink-cheeked Hank Johnston as Gunther in Dennis the Menace with a bowl cut stares at us to say: Text, "Yup."Movie gif. A fully masked and costumed Deadpool nods his head in agreement.Movie gif. Wearing only briefs, a smiling Paul Rudd as Brian in Anchorman 2 squats down, next to another man who is also only wearing underwear. Text, “Yep.”Celebrity gif. Lady Gaga who wears large circle sunglasses and a tall beehive hairdo exaggeratedly nods, rocking her whole body to emphasis that she agrees. The text next to her face says, “yep.”The Office gif. Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly looks into the camera during a confessional. She mouths the word that appears as text, "Yup."Cartoon gif. Nibbles the mouse from Tom and Jerry, wearing a diaper, nods happily and vigorously as if to say, "Oh yeah!"Oh Yeah Yes GIF by BounceMovie gif. Kristen Wiig as Audrey in Where'd You Go Bernadette nods and makes a tense smile at someone, mouthing the word that appears, "Yep." SNL gif. Kenan Thompson as OJ Simpson wears a pink polo and khakis. He leans back in an upholstered chair and gestures with a finger pointing forward as he says, "Yep."Movie gif. John C Reilly as Dale in "Step Brothers" nods and says "Yep!" as he high fives Will Ferrell as Brennan.Movie gif. Pedro Pascal as Javi in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent puts his closed fist to his flat palm and nods.Reality TV gif. Lauren Conrad from The Hills is flipping through a magazine but looks up and nods in agreement.Video gif. In front of a pegboard wall of tools, Kid President from Kid President's Important Message to Dads bobs and nods with a lighthearted expression.Season 3 Smh GIF by Law & OrderCelebrity gif. Hillary Clinton, in a TV interview with ABC News, nods slightly as she looks intensely at the interviewer.Reality TV gif. A contestant in Big Brother is smiling and has sunglasses on her head. She smiles and nods while saying, "Yeah."Celebrity gif. Rob $tone is in a recording studio and a smile fills his face. He begins nodding as the smile grows wider.Celebrity gif. Lady Gaga sits for an interview with oversized dark sunglasses and a black gown with pointed shoulders. She nods her head in a big dramatic way with a neutral expression on her face. Text, "yep."Sesame Street gif. Big Bird nods enthusiastically while standing on stage next to a podium, which small orange-haired puppet Cody stands behind nodding as well.Cartoon gif. Batman and Robin from the original cartoon sit in the Batmobile smiling and nodding. There’s a small yeti in the back seat that stares dead eyed. Celebrity gif. Seated among an audience, Adele smiles and nods agreeably.
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