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Schitt's Creek gif. David curls his hands in front of his chest and grimaces in disgust.TV gif. Teenager on Drama Club lowers their sunglasses down and flashes us wide eyes as they cringe.SNL gif. Kenan Thompson smokes on an old fashioned pipe and has a wide, awkward smile as he stares at the camera. He takes the pipe away from his mouth to say, “Yikes.” Celebrity gif. Jennifer Lawrence grimaces in front of a microphone during a panel as if to say, "Yikes!"Celebrity gif. Reggie Sergile, also known as the rapper Conceited, holds a red cup and is listening to someone speak. He looks skeptical as he looks at us and puckers his lips exaggeratedly, looking down and swinging his body around to take a step away in doubt.Video gif. A man in a suit cocks his head to the side and arches an eyebrow in surprise. He leans back and takes a breath as if to process what he's just seen. Sports gif. Terrence Ross' eyes dart around as his facial expression seems to say "yikes!"Taye Diggs Wow GIF by BounceMovie gif. In a scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Matthew Broderick as Ferris turns to us with a worried look and shows his teeth as if to say "yikes."Celebrity gif. Britney Spears cringes, batting her eyes quickly and gritting her teeth as if experiencing second hand embarrassment. Schitt’s Creek gif. Dan Levy as David recoils as if to say, “yikes!”Celebrity gif. Donald Glover looks at the camera with a still grimacing expression. He tugs on the collar of his shirt and winces.TV gif. Oprah Winfrey stares straight ahead with wide eyes and a forced smile through gritted teeth. Her eyes quickly flash to one side before looking back like she's extremely uncomfortable with what's happening. Reality TV gif. A contestant on The Great British Baking Show grimaces at her evaluation.Celebrity gif. Jay Z walks into a room and sees something he knows he shouldn't see. He pulls a face and scrunches his shoulders before awkwardly turning away.Anna Kendrick GIF by PeacockTVMovie gif. Jim Carrey as Fletcher in Liar Liar leans back and makes his fingers crawl across his face like spiders like he's horrified at what he's looking at.Celebrity gif. Lucille Ball looks at us with her head resting on her hands. She cringes, and shifts from one hand to the other, looking away uncomfortably.Photo gif. Looping animation that zooms into a picture of a cat looking shocked and then a picture of a man looking shocked.Celebrity gif. Kate McKinnon winces an exaggerated frown as her head lowers in a cringe. The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael Scott slowly turns with eyebrows raised and walks into his office.SNL gif. Kenan appears struck and frozen with fear, his eyes open wide, breathing deeply.Stink Omg GIF by Litter-RobotCartoon gif. Courage the Cowardly Dog screams in terror, his eyes bulging out as he shakes anxiously.The Simpsons gif. Homer has his mouth wide open and he screams. His lips and tongue shake from the vibration of his screams. Even his teeth seem to rattle, but the rest of his face stays completely still.
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