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Schitt's Creek gif. Annie Murphy as Alexis lounges in a robe on a bed in front of an open laptop. She looks at the laptop, her eyes widening comically, twists her hair in her hand and says what appears as text, "Yum!"Cartoon gif. Corgiyolk's tongue hangs out while he pounds a knife and fork in each paw. Text in a word bubble above his head reads, "Yum."Movie gif. Jackie Chan hungrily licks his lips.Episode 7 Nbc GIF by Law & OrderMovie gif. Emma Stone as Olive Penderghast from Easy A rolls her eyes in pleasure and opens her mouth as a plate of food is set down in front of her.Disney gif. Orlando Brown as Eddie in That's So Raven basks in pleasure, eyes rolling back into his head, chocolate in his hands and all over his mouth and chin.Wildlife gif. A fat panda sits on a tree stump holding two bamboo shoots in his paws. He munches delightfully until he loses balance and tumbles off the stump. TV gif. AFV video of a bored-looking baby with food all over his mouth rests his head against his hand as he gives us the side eye. As a spoonful of porridge enters the frame, he opens his mouth for an uninterested bite.Emma Stone Eating GIF by Searchlight PicturesMusic video gif. Ad-rock from the Beastie Boys in the music video Body Movin' wears an apron and comically large gloves. He looks straight into the camera with seductive eyes. He lifts a large, yellow fork dripping with a red sauce and licks it. Ad-rock continues to stare into the camera as he licks his lips.Text gif. An illustrated mouth slurps a noodle from the word "yum," which is made of yellow cursive spaghetti noodles against a purple background.TV gif. Criss Angel appears to hold the camera, opens his mouth wide, and the screen goes dark.Ad gif. A cartoon hand holds a Dunkin' Donuts cup as chocolate donuts with sprinkles fall from the sky. The hand catches three donuts on top of the cup. Text, "National Donut Day."Hungry Dinner GIF by Rachael Ray ShowTV gif. Jason Segel as Marshall in How I Met Your Mother rolls his eyes in sheer bliss as he takes a bite from a hamburger. Celebrity gif. Guy Fieri shakes his head rapidly as he slurps up a noodle and looks at us with a hint of surprise.TV gif. Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen as Michelle in Full House holds utensils in both hands as she shovels spaghetti in her mouth with a grateful grin. The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight sits on a couch with a pig snout on his face. He over exaggeratedly stuffed imaginary food into his mouth, almost in a mocking manner as he bounces up and down with each big bite. Text says, ‘Yum”So Good Dinner GIF by The Drew Barrymore ShowMovie gif. Remy the rat from Ratatouille, eyes closed in ecstasy, holds a chunk of cheese in one paw, and a strawberry in the other. He lifts both toward his mouth and bites them at the same time. The background fades to black as fireworks of flavor explode around him.Celebrity gif. James Franco as Harry in Spider-Man 3 taking a bite of something, smiling, and saying "so good."Celebrity gif. Aziz Ansari takes a bite of a pastry and scrunches his eyes in pleasure. We can nearly hear his moan as he chews and swallows, and it looks like the most delicious thing ever.Digital art gif. A smiling sloth is holding onto a tree while leaves fall down and the text reads, "Yummy!"The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight wears a fake pig snout. He chomps down as he shovels food into his mouth.Video gif. Boy shimmies side to side as he chews and smiles with his eyes closed while holding a chopstick over a tray of food.
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