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I’ve been reinterpreting from my favorite artist Van Gogh to many famous western printings.
These days I am trying to express modern and contemporary, western and eastern visual
images as pixel art. Furthermore I use these works as my design. Amazingly, many styles are
possible with the various materials for example paintings on canvas, using magnet on iron
plate, and embroidery and so on. Then we can create something very new. It’s like a rebirth
of those artworks I mentioned above. And to expand (make) those images to visions or
videos, I am using animation techniques I majored. Each of my artworks contain their own
stories. I bring my artworks and the others’ to life. I just want the message from joojaebum in
pixel art to meet many people’s idea and spread all around the world as their own concepts
and styles.

Getting everything together in Pixel Art! That is my dream.