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The official GIPHY page of No Cheese Records® Fearlessly devoted to the skillful yet passionate design of artistically uninhibited music, producer and artist U Do It launches a fresh repertoire of originals, designed for and dedicated to energizing and engaging with a modern audience. Creatively inspired by the greats in both hip hop and electronic production, from Missy Elliot and Snoop Dogg to DeadMau5, Skrillex and Savvy Turtle, U Do It presents an air of integrity and artistic freedom united. Featuring crisp, contemporary production intertwined with a timelessly classic hip hop sound and style, ‘Bigginz Group Therapy’ introduces U Do It as leading with addictive rhythms and heavily immersive bass; all highlighted by absolute professionalism in the studio. Quirky yet focused, cleanly mixed for a clear sense of identity and recognizable tone, the single marks the beginning of U Do It’s rise through modern hip hop and alternative pop. His approach proves grounded by the nostalgia of influence but is ultimately elevated by the clarity of the sound, the freedom of the performance, and the boldly imaginative nature of the lyrics. Releasing new music under the guidance of the label No Cheese Records, U Do It drives with precision and purpose combined. His ambitions ring loud, but his mantra is simple, ‘When you feel the beat in your bones, you know!’. The new music more than meets the bar set by this intention, and promises to shine fresh light on what’s possible in the modern production of 2022 and beyond.


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