Video gif. Woman wearing two breast pumps on her chest looks at us, smiling and tilting her head. She claps slowly. Text, “Great Job!”Celebrity gif. Doja Cat claps with raised arms with a slight pout as if impressed, each of her claps punctuated by three animated white lines, all against an airbrushed pink background.Celebrity gif. Kevin Jonas, against a blue background, smirks at us and golf claps.Video gif. Clad in a vibrant mint button up shirt, a man gives us a golf clap while tilting his chin up proudly.Video gif. Amanda Murphree nods knowingly while clapping quickly and daintily, against a teal background.Great Job Applause Sticker by OriginalsClap Applause Sticker by OriginalsJoe Jonas Applause Sticker by Jonas BrothersNct 127 Thumbs Up Sticker by NCTclapping applause Sticker by Originals
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