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I'm Captivated. I'm Enchanted.
Cuttlefish Hypnosis by Underdone Comics (featuring Ted Poor)
Time Multiverse
Video gif. A teen boy grabs some popcorn before settling into his couch to watch something--drama, perhaps?Cartoon gif. Red from the Angry Birds sits in a movie theater with a box that holds a soda and popcorn on his lap. He happily stares at the big screen as he shovels popcorn into his mouth.  Wildlife gif. A long-eared deer chewing with its cheeks full. In front of it, a bowl of popcorn has been superimposed.Video gif. A young woman with a messy bun digs into a bag of popcorn, then turns with surprised eyes and smiles.TV gif. John Stewart from the Daily Show leans over his desk with an intense, almost zombie-like state. He shovels popcorn, almost missing his mouth because he’s so absorbed by what he’s looking at. Cat Wow GIF by GarfieldJon Stewart Popcorn GIFMichael Jackson Popcorn GIFInterest Reaction GIFCelebrity gif. Regina Hall sits riveted near a bowl of popcorn on a couch. Her gaze focused ahead as she eats a handful of popcorn.Video gif. A young man and woman scarf popcorn while staring intently at us, eager to see what happens next.TV gif. Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote is wide-eyed with a fixed gaze as she stuffs popcorn into her mouth.Movie Popcorn GIFInterest Popcorn GIF by SpongeBob SquarePantsCelebrity gif. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey at the Emmys sitting in the audience with 3D glasses on and a tub of popcorn. They munch and stare at the stage, engrossed in the live action scene they're watching.Cartoon gif. The Joker from the animated Batman series looks engrossed ahead as he holds a bucket of popcorn and slowly chews. TV gif. Wendi McClendon Covey as Beverly in The Goldbergs, sits on a couch hunched over and eating out of a red bowl of popcorn. She leans forward with wide eyes glued to the screen ahead of her. Video gif. A purple pigeon puppet sits in his nest with a carton of popcorn and raises binoculars to his eyes to catch the drama below. Cartoon gif. Bobby Hill on King of the Hill has his feet up on his bed and leans back in a chair as he happily munches on a bowl of popcorn.Video gif. Woman is eating from a big carton of popcorn and she looks engrossed as she munches and watches her show.Meme gif. A creepy-looking semi-realistic fox that might be taxidermy with human-looking eyes stares at us holding a bucket of popcorn. It takes a piece out of the bucket and eats in a perfect loop. TV gif. SpongeBob sits on the floor in a dark room with his face lit up by a TV screen. He holds a bowl of popcorn in his arms. His eyes are glued to the TV screen, completely captivated by it, as he munches delightfully on the popcorn. Celebrity gif. Demi Lovato is hunched over a bag of popcorn. She shovels handfuls of popcorn into her mouth and munches messily as popcorn falls out of her mouth. She glares through the corner of her eye as if captivated. Movie gif. Regina Hall as Brenda in "Shakespeare in Blood" in a movie theater, engrossed in a movie while snacking and licking each of her fingers.Muppets gif. Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street sit in a crowded theater. Bert’s eyes are wide, riveted to the show while Ernie casually chomps on popcorn.
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