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Coffee Break
Movie gif. Meryl Jones Williams as Sarah in a short called Girl Night Stand. Her eyes are closed and she's smiling and she says, "Alright. I need coffee."Coffee Time GIF by US National ArchivesCoffee Break Movie GIF by The Boss BabyEpisode 1 Coffee GIF by One ChicagoIllustrated gif. Coffee maker pours coffee into a mug. Text, “Coffee time.”Coffee Break GIF by Brett EldredgeCoffee Break GIF by SkabGood Morning Illustration GIF by Susanne LambCoffee Break GIF by Maori SakaiWake Up Coffee GIF by StarbucksGood Morning Yes GIF by FolgersJessica Alba Drinking GIF by The Roku ChannelCoffee Time GIF by BuzzFeedCartoon gif. A coffee mug with a face tilts back and forth, looking scared, as coffee sloshes out. Doodled flowers dance around. Text, "Coffee time."Digital art gif. Analog alarm clock with a Starbucks cup next to it. The alarm clock changes to spell, “Coffee O’clock.”Ad gif. Illustration of two hands clinking together their white mugs with the Dritan Alsela logo on them. Text pops up and reads, "Happy coffee day!"Text gif. Text "Coffee Time" is written in brown handwriting and the size of the text fluctuates mildly.Germany Monday GIF by Dritan Alsela CoffeeSad Freak Out GIF by Jonas MosessonGood Morning Coffee GIF by One ChicagoTired Good Morning GIF by MOOTCoffee Break Love GIF by Coffee ProjectTwin Peaks Coffee GIF by Twin Peaks on ShowtimeCoffee Time Turkey GIF by Dritan Alsela CoffeeGood Morning Fun GIF by Mauro Gatti
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