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Video gif. A woman holds a pot of coffee and pops opens the lid while staring into it. She lifts it to her mouth and chugs directly from the pot.The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight sits at his desk holding a cup of coffee with his bear feet. He tries to pull it closer to himself to take a drink but it tilts as it comes closer and spills out all over his crotch. He freaks out, sticking out his tongue as it does.Illustrated gif. A personified mug and to-go coffee cup fist-bump each other with wide smiles. Text, "Coffee time."Coffee Day GIF by StarbucksCartoon gif. A still of the original Snow White is edited together with an animation of a flowing river of coffee coming out of a coffee machine. Her mouth is open wide, guzzling the caffeine goodness.Cartoon gif. Garfield the cat sits at the dinner table with half lidded eyes. He grabs a cup, opens his mouth wide, and dumps all the coffee from the cup inside to wake himself up. Coffee Day GIF by Katie LukesIllustrated gif. A black to-go coffee cup jitters with white lettering down the front that says, "Without coffee there would darkness and chaos."Cartoon gif. A cute drawing of a little orange and white cat sips a cup of tea with its eyes closed--it's probably purring.Digital art gif. A personified bright yellow mug full of coffee smiles as the steam from its top rises up to spell "coffee."Video gif. Illusion of a man tuck jumping across the room and landing with a splash in a mug of coffee. Text, "Monday."Movie gif. Rodney Dangerfield as Thornton Melon in Back To School takes a sip out of a coffee mug. He gulps down the drink and then opens his eyes wide, like they’re bulging out of his head, and his head starts spinning like he’s about to faint.Afternoon Tea Coffee GIF by StoryfulGermany Today GIF by Dritan Alsela CoffeeIllustrated gif. A woman tilts her head back with her mouth gaping open as she sits at a desk repeatedly pouring full pots of coffee down her throat. TV gif. David Costabile as Mike Wagner on Billions opens a glass door and leans out. He has a serious, angry expression on his face as he shouts, “Coffee!”Good Morning Illustration GIF by Susanne LambVideo gif. A man dressed to work in an office closes his front door behind him. He sips on coffee and when he closes the door, he then pours the cup of coffee all over his chest and face. He shakes his head like he’s refreshed and rushes off. Stay Home New Day GIF by INTO ACTIONCoffee Time GIFCoffee Break GIF by eviteIllustrated gif. A Sloth with big blue glasses and a pink hair bow sips from a coffee mug, then looks up with bug eyes and a radiating grin. Text, "How I tolerate life."TV gif. Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine Nine sitting at her desk and opening the lid of her coffee. Text, "Sweet, sweet coffee."Adopt Best Friends GIF by Best Friends Animal SocietyPay Up Good Morning GIF by INTO ACTION
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