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Robin Crying  | Teen Titans GO!
The Big Reveal
Kitten Tears
Unspoken Emotions, 2023
Spongebob gif. Patrick gazes sorrowfully as tears well in eyes and his lips tremble. TV gif. Gus Halper as Erik from Law and Order: True Crime. He's in an interrogation room and he clutches his mouth as he breaks down into huge sobs. Veins pop out on his forehead and he looks distraught.Movie gif. Boo, the pigtailed baby in Monsters Inc throws her head back bawling as a tear streams down her face.Reality TV gif. A woman from the show A Double Shot at Love looks heartbroken and rests her head on her hand as she wipes away her tears. She nods as if she’s sadly agreeing with something. TV gif. Anthony Anderson as Dre on Blackish weeps while lying sideways on a sofa with his hands tucked under his head.Movie gif. Pikachu from the Pokemon Movie looks at us with his ears turned down and big sparkling eyes that are welled up with tears. His lips quiver as his tears fall down his cheek in hopelessness.TV gif. Side view of David Cross as Tobias in Arrested Development sobbing uncontrollably into a washcloth in the shower.TV gif. Tim Robinson on I Think You Should Leave face contorted squinty and tight, forcing a smile, poorly concealing his tearful woe.TV gif. Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who. He looks immensely distraught and is at the brink of sobbing, as he struggles to wave goodbye and clutches his mouth in sadness. TV gif. Andy Samberg as Jake from Brooklyn Nine-Nine keeps a reasonably straight face as he says: Text, "Alright. I'm gonna go cry." He leans back in his chair, then gets up and exits to the left.Celebrity gif. Emma Stone sobs as she crams a scoop of ice cream in her mouth.Digital compilation gif. Photo of a small white dog edited to look like it's totally depressed and crying in outer space with the moon in the background, a single blue tear falling each time.Disney gif. Black-and-white scene of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch standing in the rain and crying pitifully.TV gif. Ellis Hollins as Baby Tom on Hollyoaks starting to cry.Illustrated gif. Black and white cartoony character sits with arms wrapped around curled-up knees as tears fall down his face.Sad Help Me GIF by KennysgifsAnime gif. We see an extreme close-up of a girl's face, her eyes welling with tears and her face red with emotion.The Simpsons gif. Homer holds a hand over his face and tears well under his eyes as he sobs. Digital art gif. Sobbing emoji starts rippling like it's a reflection in a pool of water.Cartoon gif. Mr. T blinks with a furrowed brow as a single tear drips from his eye.Movie gif. Three quick zoom-ins on Tobey Maguire's face as he sheds a single tear.Cartoon gif. Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls has tears wobbling in her eyes as she's about to break out into a cry.Celebrity gif. Tyler, the Creator is faux sobbing and his face is turned upwards at us while he pretends to cry like a baby.Movie gif. Will Ferrell as Brennan in "Step Brothers" with a scrunched face, folding forward while weepingTaraji P Henson Wow GIF by NBC
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