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This Is High School
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Grandma BB: Oh My Goodness
Friends gif. Courtney Cox as Monica seated at a dinner table gives a huge eye roll at someone off screen.The Office gif. Leslie David Baker as Stanley turns his head and slowly rolls his eyes with the most irritated, tired expression on his face. Reality TV gif. Talking head of Corinne from the Bachelor as she rolls her eyes and throws her head back dramatically, exasperated.Cillian Murphy No GIF by ARTEfrGirl Eye Roll GIFPolitical gif. Donald Trump nodding and then shaking his head giving disapproving looks.Video gif. An annoyed woman rolls her eyes and slowly looks away.Celebrity gif. Close up on Actress Zendaya’s face. She’s in the corner of her eye with a look of disgust, then rolls her eyes.Eyeroll GIF by Sealed With A GIFReality TV gif. Tiffany “New York” Pollard on Flavor of Love sips on a cocktail while she rolls her eyes in annoyance.The Rock Eye Roll GIFFunny Face Eye Roll GIF by MOODMANTV gif. With her hands on her hips and a pink bow in her hair, Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen as Michelle from Full House has had enough of this nonsense as she says: Text, "Oh please!"Eyeroll Mcdaag GIFMovie gif. Brad Pitt as Jeffrey in 12 Monkeys smiles goofily with his mouth hanging open and his eyes rolling around.Yeah Yeah Whatever GIFTV gif.  In a scene from Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23, Krysten Ritter as Chloe gives us the mother of all eye rolls and lets her head droop.TV gif. A closeup of Anderson Cooper as he looks at us, blinks and rolls his eyes.  Episode 15 Ugh GIF by One ChicagoOh No Reaction GIF by vrtanderson cooper whatever GIFEyeroll Ugh GIF by truTV’s Hack My LifeHayden Panettiere Smile GIFEyeroll Whatever GIF by vrtPhaedra Parks Please GIF
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