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Feliz Jueves
Almost Friday
Thursday Morning
Feliz Jueves GIF by Sealed With A GIFFeliz Jueves GIF by Sealed With A GIFFeliz Jueves GIF by Sealed With A GIFNew Day Smile GIF by Lucas and Friends by RV AppStudiosSNL gif. Chris Farley as Matt Foley in the "Van Down by The River" sketch stiffly dances in a living room. Text in red boxes at the top and bottom of the screen read,"You say Thursday; we say Friday Eve!"Video gif. A woman in roller skates holds onto the side of a bench next to the skating rink. She rocks back and forth happily then falls back onto the bench, feet flying into the air. Text, “When you think it’s Friday, but it’s only Thursday.”Happy Thursday GIFMovie gif. Hugh Grant as The Prime Minister in Love, Actually dances across a hallway, shimmying. The words "Happy Thursday" appear as text while blue animated confetti rains down.Text gif. Wiggly, gold text on a pink background with white hearts, says "Congrats! You made it to Thursday.Celebrity gif. Miley Cyrus dances energetically by fist and hip pumping, and the video is sped up to emphasize her excitement. Text, "Happy Thursday!"Happy Days Smile GIF by Yeremia AdiciptaVideo gif. A tan and black pug wears a red bandana. Its pink tongue sticks out, as it yawns wide. Text, "Happy Thursday!"Video gif. Peaceful rippling lake below distant mountain peaks. Text, "Thursday is Friday eve." Video gif. A trick of perspective is used to make it look like a man jumps from a step stool in the background into a cup of coffee in the foreground. As he appears to land in the cup, coffee spills out the saucer beneath it. Text, "Thursday."Video gif. A sweet gray pitbull sits up in bed and sways back and forth a little before collapsing back into the pillows to go back to sleep. Text, "Thursday morning."TV gif. Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation has a bowtie and nice vest on. He rubs his hands together with wide eyes and a wide grin that looks like he’s scheming something up. Text, “It’s almost Friday!”Cat Morning GIFText gif. Confetti falls on a gradient background as pink bubble text pops in. Text, "Happy Thursday!"Illustrated gif. Man with big eyes and a long nose sneaks a peek over a brick wall that has “Thursday” written on it. Behind the wall is the word, “Friday.”Thursday Blessing GIF by GIPHY Studios 2022Video gif. A man spins around in an office chair in a recording studio. He keeps his head down like he’s bored and tired. Text, “Waiting for the weekend.”Thursday Jueves GIF by TravisCartoon gif. Titounis jumps into frame, then smiles and blinks as magenta hearts rise behind them. Flashing Text, "Thursday!"Cartoon gif. A happy human/frog hybrid covers their face with two smiling daisies: a blue one with a curly moustache, and a pink one with lipstick, blush, and pronounced eyelashes. Text, "Happy Thursday."Cartoon gif. DinoSally marches in place with a happy expression, sticking her tongue in and out. Text, "Happy Thursday."
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