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Good Morning Love
Good Morning
Monday Morning
Morning Coffee
Video gif. A woman holds a pot of coffee and pops opens the lid while staring into it. She lifts it to her mouth and chugs directly from the pot.Text gif. Colorful letters, a coffee mug, and a little sun rock on screen. Text, "Rise and shine."Cartoon gif. Garfield walks towards and drops face first into a box lined with a blanket. His black striped tail points to the sky. Text, "Happy Monday!"Video gif. A man dressed to work in an office closes his front door behind him. He sips on coffee and when he closes the door, he then pours the cup of coffee all over his chest and face. He shakes his head like he’s refreshed and rushes off. Digital art gif. Cartoon sun with a bright, smiling face blinks and grins happily amid sparkling rays of sunshine. In big, pink, blue, and green bubble letters, text reads, "Today is a new day," all against an orange background.Monday Morning GIFVideo gif. A man in a fluffy white bathrobe hustles down a set of stairs before raising his coffee and saying, "Good morning," which appears as text, enthusiastically.Cartoon gif. Garfield crawls across Jon as he sleeps, makes sure Jon is still sleeping, then dances on Jon's head. Cartoon gif. A black-and-white scene of a spotted dog, happily licking and patting the face of a woman who is lying in bed. The woman grimaces. Text, "Good morning."Video gif. A man in a robe wears a hat and sunglasses as he waves at us before taking a sip from a mug. Text, "Mornin' neighbor."Video gif. A man says, "Good Morning," while raising a mug of coffee and pulling back, looking sassy and expectant for a reply.Video gif. Man stands in a shower in a white robe. He holds up a huge mug of coffee, larger than his head, and at first makes it seem like he’s going to drink from it, but instead he pours his right over his head.Illustrated gif. Pink flower with a cute smiley face. Text, “Good morning.”Cartoon gif. Chippy the dog sitting at a table with "bone flakes" cereal, waves eagerly and takes a drink from a coffee cup. Text, "Good morning!"Getting Ready Monday Morning GIF by Paddington BearTV gif. Jimmy Fallon behind his talk show desk smiling and waving at the audience.Cartoon gif. A relaxed Timmy from Loof and Timmy leans against a sandwich cookie in a giant cup of tea. Text, "Good morning."TV gif. Brett Goldstein as Roy on Ted Lasso holds a coffee mug and nods as he says "mornin'," which appears as text.Disney gif. Bette Midler as Winifred Sanderson in Hocus Pocus, looks out a window, saying "Oh look, another glorious morning. It makes me sick!"Illustrated gif. A woman lays in bed, tucked in. A dog hops onto bed and lips her face, she smiles. Text, “Good Morning.”Video gif. Man facing away from us sweeps open the curtains on a window, then falls backward as light streams in.Illustrated gif. A coffee cup with a sad, drowsy facial expression blinks slowly. Text, "but first, coffee."Mood Love GIF by Ivo AdventuresCartoon gif. The words “GOOD MORNING!” wiggle in space above Chippy the Dog who waves at us, then takes a sip of coffee from a mug with a heart on it. His cereal reads “bone flakes.”Video gif. A dog is wearing a suit and is sitting at a desk, working hard at the computer.
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