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Good Night
Good Night
Cartoon gif. Sleepy squirrel tucked in bed wearing a purple night cap and squeezing an animal plushy. Above the squirrel, letters rock back and forth gently, "Good Night."Animated graphic gif. Constellation has been turned into a smiling blue-ish humpback whale swimming through a dark purple sky with a few shooting stars streaming across the frame. Text, "Good night."Text gif. A 3D rendering of bouncing white text and a dangling yellow star in front of a starry blue night time background. Text, "Good night."Text gif. The words "good night...zzzz" flash on and off in the style of a neon sign, accompanied by an equally neon crescent moon with a face. Cartoon gif. A black cat sits facing away from us on the concave side of a crescent moon. A thought balloon above its head shows the face of a white cat with a pink ribbon and a shooting star. Glowing Text, "Good night."Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog stands on the edge of a bed, leaning precariously to turn off a yellow lamp on a nightstand. The image goes black, then we see the Text, "Goodnight. I love you."Cartoon gif. The text, “Good night” floats above in the night sky as a cartoon man and a woman cuddle each other in bed. They love each other so much that they create pink hearts that float above them and pop like fireworks.Illustrated gif. A teddy bear sleeping with a smile on a rocking crescent moon. Their stuffed arms and legs dangle off the sides of the moon. Distant stars glisten in the peaceful night sky. Despicable Me gif. A young Gru and two Minions lay asleep in bed. A cheery third Minion in a red bathrobe leaps into bed, waking them up as he makes himself comfortable. Gru is annoyed, but the Minion with the teddy bear doesn't seem bothered in the least.Cartoon gif. A very sleepy sloth holds its phone in front of its face while lying in bed with the covers pulled up to its neck. Its eyes slowly close over and over--it can't stay awake! Text, "nighty night."Video gif. A puppy lays on a small blanket on a tile floor. Holding one corner of the blanket in its mouth, it rolls over, wrapping itself up. Text, "Goodnight."Cartoon gif. A one-horned sleeping blue dinosaur snores with their mouth open while a string of Zs emanate from his mouth. Text, "Good Night."Oscars 2024 GIF. Jimmy Kimmel is concluding the Oscars and he does a short wave with his hand in the air and bids us, "Goodnight!"Cartoon gif. Jiminy Cricket in the original Disney Pinocchio movie kicks off his shoes and lays down in his matchbook bed. He yawns and pulls the matchbook cover like it’s a blanket.Cartoon gif. A floating yellow Dino Sally pterodactyl-like character yawns and drops down onto a pillow and blanket and goes to sleep. Yellow bubble text appears against a blue background: "Good night." Cartoon gif. Pudgy Penguin lays on his stomach at the base of a thin crescent moon as stars dot and twinkle around him. The moon has red lipstick and dark eyelashes, and they both appear to be sleeping peacefully. Text appears one letter at a time, "Good night."Digital illustration gif. Yellow bear waves at us and smiles with eyes shut against a blue background with yellow and purple stars. Text changes from white to purple, "Good night!'Cartoon gif. Chippy the dog sleeps on a pillow which is about three times his size. Zs come from his head as he sleeps.Text gif. Cursive glowing text reads "Good Night" on a purple background of yellow stars and a crescent moon that fade in and out of the scene. Video gif. A live action baby chick sits in front of an illustrated dark blue background with stars and a crescent moon. Instances of the letter "Z" above its head tell us it's sleeping. Text, "Goodnight my love."TV gif. Tom from Tom and Jerry, exhausted, fluffs a large red floor pillow before flopping down onto it face-first.Good Night 犬 GIFDigital art gif. As if snoring Z's come from the mouth of a sleeping baby. White text on a blue background reads, "Just wanted to say good night and sweet dreams!"Digital illustration gif. Pink fluffy pillow with a cute smiley face, blushing cheeks, legs, and arms bobs up and down with eyes closed, surrounded by stars. Text, "Good night, sleep tight."Video gif. Gerbert the humanoid puppet wears a night cap and a sweater with Zs on it, looking at us as he says, "Have a great evening... good night."
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