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Well, I Love You
I love you too
I Love You
Hot Boy Winter
Cartoon gif. Two egg-shaped birds, based off of the Angry Birds designs, stand under text. The first bird has long eyelashes and a wide open smile. She hugs and nuzzles up to the other bird, who appears shocked. Text, "I heart U" Cartoon gif. Chippy the dog enthusiastically wags his tail under the message, "I love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so,so much!. An arrow points to the happy little dog with a note that reads, "He really does."Digital art gif. Thousands of shiny, red 3D hearts that look like hard candies fall down into a red background. Video gif. A man wearing a suit has his shirt ripped open and he looks frightened as his heart beats so hard that it nearly jumps out of his chest and it makes an imprint on chest every time it pumps.Digital art gif. A hand is cupping a heart in its palms. The heart has hooded eyes and it sticks its tongue out to lap it up and down slowly.Digital art gif. A continuous loop of neon hearts changing in color grows towards us.Stop motion gif. A red rose sheds it petals before they shift around to form a pulsing heart shape.Digital art gif. A bunch of pink hearts of various sizes float up from the bottom.I Love You Valentines GIF by Studios 2016Digital art gif. Four glowing red hearts dance around another, bigger glowing red heart.SpongeBob gif. Patrick lies on his stomach, pink legs kicking back and forth behind him in the air. His cheeks rest on his hands as he gazes with wide, longing eyes. Pixelated pink hearts beat around him. Text gif. Against an orange creamsicle background, purple text reading, "I love you" is contained within two white lines, which start to come together by squishing the letters down. To conserve space, a heart replaces "love," and then the letter U replaces "you" before all the text disappears and only the heart remains. The words that disappear pop like bubbles.Kawaii gif. A happy, shiny heart with a closed-eye smiley face pulses as pink and red heart shapes expand behind it to fill the background. Stop-motion gif. A knitted gnome uses pink yarn to knit a small heart that floats up when it's finished.TV gif. James Franco as Daniel Desario on Freaks and Geeks hugs Busy Phillips as Kim Kelly from behind and bites her nose playfully. She pulls back from him, wincing in slight pain.Digital art gif. Pink and purple donuts hold each other close with stick arms. Their eyes closed and simple smiles on their donut faces as red hearts dance around them. Text, "I love you so much you donut even know."Illustrated gif. A white bunny jumps around, making cute faces, as red hearts pop up around it. Text, "I love you."Digital art gif. A bubble-like heart with iridescent pink, purple, and blue hues spins upward against a blue backdrop. Digital art gif. In green, a man holds a woman in his arms, their foreheads resting together. Behind them, standing in a window is a sad pepperoni pizza, who is crying. Text, “I love you more than pizza.”Video gif. A blue present with a purple ribbon wraps itself then unwraps itself to reveal a red floating heart in the middle.Disney gif. Hercules gives Megara a white flower and kisses her on the cheek.Cartoon gif. Sally from the Peanuts gang closes her eyes with her hands clasped together as she smiles and heart shapes dance around her head. Illustrated gif. Tattooed hand sketches out very scrolly text on graph paper. Text, “I love you.”Wildlife gif. Sitting up in a grassy field, a meerkat turns toward another meerkat, hugs it and appears to give it a smooch. Text appears above them, "I love you," along with a growing red emoji heart.Cartoon gif. Dot Warner from Animaniacs has her ears tied together with a flower hair tie as she stands bashfully in a pink skirt. She smiles shyly while a bunch of beating red hearts surround her.
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