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I will love you.
Puppy Howl | Puppy Preschool
In Luv
Teddy Day
Cartoon gif. Chippy the dog enthusiastically wags his tail under the message, "I love you so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so,so much!. An arrow points to the happy little dog with a note that reads, "He really does."Cartoon gif. Two egg-shaped birds, based off of the Angry Birds designs, stand under text. The first bird has long eyelashes and a wide open smile. She hugs and nuzzles up to the other bird, who appears shocked. Text, "I heart U" Text gif. Concentric red and pink rings throb within bubbly letters that spell out "I love you" against a purple background.Digital illustration gif. Text reads, "Love you so much! Small white hearts surround a large animated heart with wings bouncing up and down like it's flying.Cartoon gif. Chippy the dog standing in front of a blue background shoots out pink hearts towards us that explode in a circle, filling the entire gif.Cartoon gif. A white dog, set against a pink background with a giant red heart on it that says "I love you," bounces onto the screen holding a bright blue sign that says, "Very very much!"Digital art gif. Pink and purple donuts hold each other close with stick arms. Their eyes closed and simple smiles on their donut faces as red hearts dance around them. Text, "I love you so much you donut even know."Kawaii gif. A little white puppy sits and wags its tail quickly while holding a rose in its mouth. There are roses strewn around it and hearts burst out from its little body, and the text reads, "I love you!"Text gif. White, pink, turquoise, and yellow text on a black background says "I love U more."Text gif. Against a purple and pink background, the words "I love you," flip into place letter by letter, followed by a burst of two yellow hearts.Text gif. Pink text over a pink heart background reads "I love you!"Cartoon gif. Corgiyolk sticks out his tongue and blows kisses with alternating paws as a heart floats into the air with each smooch. Digital art gif. Thousands of shiny, red 3D hearts that look like hard candies fall down into a red background. Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog arms wide, surrounded by anthropomorphic hearts jumping and waving at us. Text, "I love you with all my hearts."Video gif. A man dressed as a teddy bear waves. Text, “sending love.”Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog holds a blue crayon and adds another tally mark to a wall full of tally marks. Text, "There are so many things I love about you."Digital art gif. A continuous loop of neon hearts changing in color grows towards us.Illustrated gif. A black sketch of a person wearing a hat with ear flaps and a pom topper smiles as they squeeze a pillow-like, red heart. Text, "Your love makes me happy." Celebrity gif. On a balcony with skyscrapers in the background, Trevor Noah smiles earnestly and holds his hands to his chest in a heart shapeIllustrated gif. A white bunny jumps around, making cute faces, as red hearts pop up around it. Text, "I love you."Digital art gif. Several watercolor hearts jitter in place.Wildlife gif. Two capuchin monkeys, one black, one white, hop over to each other and share a hug.Cartoon gif. One red and one pink cartoon heart with arms and legs stand against a white background. The red heart leaps next to the pink heart, the two embrace and a heart emanates from above them. Digital art gif. Smiling dog looks at us through a red heart-shaped frame, in front of which are the words "I love you!"Kawaii gif. A happy dolphin pushes a heart button on a tablet. A text bubble with a heart on it rises from the tablet before breaking into three different hearts.
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