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I Love You
There's No Other Woman
I Love You
I Ruff You A Lot
Video gif. A cute pitbull looks at us with an open mouth like it’s talking, and then spreads its mouth into a smile. Text, “Guess what? I love you.”Digital illustration gif. Red heart balloons float up past black glittery text that pulses and reads, "I love you."Celebrity gif. Taylor Swift peeks through a heart shape made by her fingers before pointing at us with a smile. Celebrity gif. Jason Momoa looks at us with a warm smile as he forms his hands into a heart shape. He then places his hands under his chin before going back to forming the heart.SpongeBob gif. From the episode "Chocolate with Nuts", a smiling Patrick tries out a sales pitch on us, the customer. Text, "I love you."Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog points to a large pink heart on a sky blue background. Text: I love you with all my heart.I Love You Kiss GIF by Eternal FamilyText gif. White, pink, turquoise, and yellow text on a black background says "I love U more."Cartoon gif. Corgiyolk sticks out his tongue and blows kisses with alternating paws as a heart floats into the air with each smooch. Cartoon gif. White block text on pink background reads, "I love you," and then Chippy the Dog jumps up, holding signs that say, "yes, I do!" "so, so much!" "with all my heart!" "I really do!"Cartoon gif. A fuzzy teddy bear lifts its arms as it smiles at us. Bouncing, multicolored Text, "I wuv u!"Illustrated gif. A black sketch of a person wearing a hat with ear flaps and a pom topper smiles as they squeeze a pillow-like, red heart. Text, "Your love makes me happy." Text gif. Pink text over a pink heart background reads "I love you!"Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog cocks his head and ears as words appear one by one down the top of the frame towards Chippy at the bottom. The words say, "I really really really really love you," with the word "really" appearing 13 times.Cartoon gif. Chippy the Dog looks up at the text "It's the perfect day to say, 'I love you.'" Chippy nods, then holds up a remote control and presses its only button. A word balloon that says "I love you" drops over the text, suspended by strings, and Chippy points up at it.Movie gif. Will Ferrell in Elf. He's standing in a hallway with a crowd of people behind him as he yells at the top of his lungs, "I love you!" He says this three times, bouncing up and down in excitement and nervousness as he does.Movie gif. Mike Myers as Dr Evil in Austin Powers looking up and gesturing with his fingers and saying, "I love you! You complete me."Digital art gif. Pink and purple donuts hold each other close with stick arms. Their eyes closed and simple smiles on their donut faces as red hearts dance around them. Text, "I love you so much you donut even know."I Love You Valentine GIF by TeletubbiesCartoon gif. Mickey and Minnie are embracing and giving each other sweet kisses. They embrace and cozy up to one another as Minnie flutters her eyelashes at Mickey.Digital art gif. Two hearts have their tongues stuck out and are flicking each other's tongues and the text below reads, "I love you."Digital illustration gif. Two sushi rolls with smiley faces reach out to hug each other as hearts dance around them against a wasabi green background. Text, "You are my soy mate."Kawaii gif. A Chubbifrens cartoon cat hugs a friend, happy tears glistening in their eyes, a heart fluttering above their heads.Wildlife gif. Two capuchin monkeys, one black, one white, hop over to each other and share a hug.Text gif. In simple handwritten font is the message “I love you.” Below, flashes the words, “Today, Tomorrow, Always, Forever.”
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