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Happy Monday
Good Morning
Monday Morning
Hi Mr. Sun!
Video gif. Newborn puppy nestled in royal purple fleece scrunches up its face as it blinks sleepily. Text, "Happy Monday!"Video gif. A man in a coffee shop drinks from an enormous cup of coffee (we're talking huge, here) as a girl looks on in amazement. He's seated next to several empty coffee cups. That much coffee just wasn't enough for him, it seems.Digital illustration gif. Steamy red mug of coffee with a smiley face on it rocks side to side as coffee splashes out. Text reads, "Happy Monday!"Celebrity gif. The band Travis takes off in a roller coaster, mouths dropping open as the ride jolts to a start. Text, "Buckle Up! It's Monday!"Video gif. Two chocolate lab puppies sitting in a bin outside, with one of them yawning.Text gif. The text, "Monday equals New Day, New Week, New Me," appears in large letters against a black scalloped background. Each letter in "Monday" and "New Me" alternates between multiple colors. Video gif. A man dressed to work in an office closes his front door behind him. He sips on coffee and when he closes the door, he then pours the cup of coffee all over his chest and face. He shakes his head like he’s refreshed and rushes off. Video gif. With its front paws on the floor and its hind paws still in bed, this sleepy dog looks more like a slug as it slowly crawls to the left. Text, "Mon Day."Digital art gif. A black phone screen rings that "Monday" is calling. A finger reaches up and pushes a red button labeled, "Decline."Digital art gif. A green alien rides a skateboard while carrying a briefcase and wearing a tie. Text, "Back on the grind."Cartoon gif. Blambi the little yellow dinosaur in DinoSally is all tucked into bed with a sleeping cap on. She wakes up and tosses her arms out, giving a grumpy expression like she was just rudely awakened. Text, "Happy Monday."Video gif. Orange tabby cat lying on its back, propped up in a corner with its head resting against a wall. Text, "Monday mood."Cartoon gif. A cartoon sun in shades sips coffee from a red mug against a background of blue sky and fluffy clouds. Black script in the clouds reads, " rise and shine!!!"TV gif. Eric Stonestreet as Cameron from Modern Family lies in bed crying, while devices glow at him from a bedside table in the foreground. Text, "Waking up on Mondays."Video gif. An alarm is going of and a man's hand hits the alarm heavily, hitting and hitting until it falls down, broken. Text, "Good morning!"Tired Good Morning GIF by Hello AllGood Morning Monday GIF by TravisIllustrated gif. White mug with a face sleeps on the counter. Coffee is poured into the mug and it slowly wakes up.Monday Morning GIF by Paul McCartneyVideo gif. A man playing the guitar kicks a soccer ball, which flies through the air and hits another man, also singing and playing guitar, in the face. Text, "Mondays be like"Video gif. A man lies face down in bed, burying his face in the sheets. We then see him from the side: his face is pink and he appears to be crying as he covers his eyes with his hands. Text, "No, not Monday again!"The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight looks annoyed. Text, “Monday already.”Digital illustration gif. Yellow face with heavy lids and a yawning mouth next to a steaming cup of coffee with a heart on it. Text, "Monday already?'Fran Healy Mondays GIF by TravisCartoon gif. A pink rabbit named Muffin, from Muffin and Nuts, tapping on a computer keyboard while dozing off, head in hands and drooling.
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