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Goodbye My Lover, Goodbye My Friend
Sometimes Love Hurts
Miss you already
Uncle Roger sad now
Spongebob gif. Patrick gazes sorrowfully as tears well in eyes and his lips tremble. Friends gif. Matthew Perry as Chandler staring pensively out the window at the rain.Pokémon gif. Pikachu hangs his head as we slowly zoom in towards him, then he looks up with a sad expression on his face. SpongeBob gif. While it rains outside, SpongeBob sits alone at a booth in the Krusty Krab, staring blankly at a steaming mug.The Office gif. Zoom in on an angry, disappointed Brian Baumgartner as Kevin sitting at his desk. His eyes move from one side to look at us.Video gif. A small toddler with wild blonde, curly hair slumps sadly onto the side of a bed and lays her hand onto her arm, clearly sad and tired.Cartoon gif. A sad pink bunny swings slowly back and forth on a playground swing, eyes downcast and ears slumped.TV gif. Anthony Anderson as Dre on Blackish weeps while lying sideways on a sofa with his hands tucked under his head.Video gif. Baby's sad face gets sadder with a progressively deeper, more frowny pout.Movie gif. Peter Billingsley as Ralphie from A Christmas Story puts his head down on top of his arms at his school desk, dejected. The Office gif. Steve Carell as Michael lowers his head and looks like he's about to cry.Sad Season 3 GIF by The Lonely IslandCelebrity gif. Will Ferrell bounces in a vibrating chair as he tries to sip from a wine glass that spills down his front.Movie gif. Sadness from Inside Out drops her head as if in despair as tear drops fly from her blue face. Illustrated gif. Black and white cartoony character sits with arms wrapped around curled-up knees as tears fall down his face.Sad Rain GIF by WE tvVideo gif. Actor Tyrese purses his lips and squeezes his eyes shut while tears run down his face. He shakes his head as if shaking off the pain. Disney gif. Sadness from Inside Out wails with her head back while tears spew from her eyes like a fountain.Meme gif. In an interview with a TV reporter, a little boy's smiling turns into crying, as he covers his face with his hands. Text, "I'm fine."Video gif. A man with tears streaming down his face looking off, putting his hand on top of his head.sad batman GIFAnime gif. Pikachu looks up, sad and crying big tears, with his ears flopped down slightly.Video gif. On a green and white gingham tablecloth sits a new jar of peanut butter. A finger appears and draws a sad face in the smooth surface. Womp womp.Late Night gif. Actor Jason Mantzoukas gestures down his face like tears and says "I wanna cry."Arrested Development gif. Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth trudges through a desert area with his head down and shoulders hunched forward.
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