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Video gif. Cute guinea pig wearing a dark sweater and dark framed glasses askew on its face sits at a desk looking down at chewed pencils then back at us. Celebrity gif. Tim Robinson in a gray astronaut suit with his helmet under his arm against a starry space background. He points his finger and looks intently while saying “if you do school people say it’s great.” Bold text reads, "School is cool!"Bored Back To School GIFBack To School Dancing GIF by NickelodeonHappy School GIFCartoon gif. A young boy with big round glasses and a purple backpack stands still looking a bit overwhelmed as other people's hands reach in from all sides to brush his teeth and put school supplies into his backpack with that first day of school energy.Back To School GIF by Super SimpleBack To School GIFCartoon gif. A blinking owl with a mortarboard sits on a branch, holding a pointer to a chalkboard at the end of the branch. The chalkboard reads "you've got this!!"Pick Me Schitts Creek GIF by CBCBack To School Smile GIF by CrestSchool Kids GIF by Alex The AstronautLos Angeles School GIF by ABC NetworkSeason 6 School GIF by The SimpsonsTV gif. An excited Sasha Pieterse as Alison on Pretty Little Liars looks around and says, “Welcome back to school.”Tyler James Williams Dancing GIF by ABC NetworkNapoleon Dynamite School GIFthe fairly oddparents dancing GIFSchool Running GIF by TIFFSchool College GIF by Alex The AstronautBack To School GIF by Chalkolachris rock school GIFTest School GIF by 5-Second Filmsraining dexters laboratory GIFKristen Wiig Dancing GIF
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