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Who Me?
Oh, wow
Shocked Worms
Sponsored gif. Gerald Downey wearing a red and black plaid shirt holding a can of Busch Light beer at his chest. He looks up with wonder and appreciation, taking a long, deep breath as if he's taking in the beautiful mountain scenery. Text, "TGIF."Celebrity gif. Desus Nice in a Yankees baseball cap falls back in a leather chair with amusement and surprise like he just figured out a clever joke. Surprised No Way GIF by LaffReality TV gif. Singer Michelle Treacy pops her hands to her face in mock surprise. Wildlife gif. A white owl turns his head to look straight at us and has an expression of pure shock. Its eyes are wide and its mouth is open as if gasping.Celebrity gif. Selena looks at us with a big smile. She then covers her eyes with her hands as if waiting for a surprise.TV gif. Chi McBride as Lou in Hawaii Five O, raises his eyebrows in surprise and his mouth forms an o. Text, "Oh".Surprised Wait What GIFSeason 1 Wow GIF by Nanalan'Meme gif. The "blinking white guy" meme: a closeup of a man blinking with downplayed surprise.Happy Thanks GIFSurprised GIF by The Circle Netflix (US)Video gif. A white and gray cat’s mouth is open wide in shock, like it’s gasping. It looks at us wide-eyed and then to the side as if to get a better look. surprised shock GIF by CBCCelebrity gif. Nicki Minaj pulls back in astonishment and slight amusement, hand to her chest, mouth agape.Movie gif. Samuel L Jackson as John Shaft in the movie Shaft looks taken aback, stunned into silence.SNL gif. Bill Hader impersonating Jim Jordan wearing a shirt and tie points at us as if to say, "It's you!" with an astonished look on his face.TV gif. John C Reilly as Dr Steve Brule takes off his glasses with shock, cross-eyed.Shocked 80S GIFTV gif. Paul Reubens as Pee-wee Herman turns and looks at us with surprise, eyes wide and mouth open.Video gif. Man wearing a butterfly collar shirt opens a door, then quakes with shock as his eyes bug out and his mouth gapes open.SNL gif. Kenan Thompson as Diondre Cole perks up with intrigue, looking around wide-eyed and smiling as if to gauge onlookers' reactions.K Pop Wow GIFSurprised Meme GIFVideo gif. A happy baby sitting on a bed leans back and falls, giggling.
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