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Video gif. A tiny tabby kitten covers its mouth with its paw as if it's shocked.Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey seated in a chair, smiling softly as his eyes grow wide. His smile fades into a stern then surprised face as his mouth drops open, clearly shocked by what he's looking at off screen.TV gif. Laci Mosley as Harper on iCarly has her hand on her chest and looks at us in shock.Celebrity gif. Comedian Steve Harvey stares in blank-faced shock with his mouth agape. The Office gif. Brian Baumgartner as Kevin holds an ice cream cone and pauses as if shocked as he gazes at something. He remains unmoving as the ice cream topples off the cone.Reality TV gif. Close-up of Liam Charles from the Great British Bake Off cupping his hands over his mouth and looking straight ahead with an awestruck expression.Season 18 Omg GIF by America's Got TalentThe Office gif. Zoom in on Oscar Nunez as Oscar Martinez. He has a shocked, almost worried expression on his face. He covers his mouth with his face. TV gif. Close up on Jane Levy as Zoey Clarke on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. Her mouth is wide open in shock and she blinks her eyes, unable to believe what she just saw. She turns and leaves, still completely stunned.Video gif. A young girl wearing glasses and a head scarf puts her hand to her chest and leans back, her face an expression of extreme offense.Celebrity gif. Desus Nice in a Yankees baseball cap falls back in a leather chair with amusement and surprise like he just figured out a clever joke. TV gif. Tituss Burgess as host of the Late Late Show holds his hands up in surrender and leans back in a guest chair as he shakes his head with a look of shock on his face.TV gif. Jimmy Fallon as host of the Tonight Show stands in front of a set of blue curtains during his monologue and puts his hand to his chest exclaiming what the text reads, "Personally, I'm shocked!" Wildlife gif. A white owl turns his head to look straight at us and has an expression of pure shock. Its eyes are wide and its mouth is open as if gasping.Shocked Snl GIF by Saturday Night LiveTV gif. Wearing a grayish-blue head wrap and large hoop earrings, Alicia Keys from The Voice gives us a stunned, smiling, slack-jawed blink.Friends gif. Matt LeBlanc as Joey looks shocked to right of frame, then looks slightly less shocked as he turns to us.SNL gif. Comedian Kenan Thompson dressed as Steve Harvey makes the TV host's signature shocked facial expression. SNL gif. Chris Farley in the Schmitts Gay Beer sketch lifts the sunglass portion of his double lenses in stunned surprise.Dog What GIF by MOODMANExcited John Cena GIF by WWEKim Kardashian Omg GIF by HULUCelebrity gif. Alison Brie blinks and shakes her head before narrowing her eyes and opening her mouth in an expression of shock and confusion.Video gif. Eyes wide in disbelief, a shocked monkey puppet turns towards us with his mouth open.TV gif. Hassan Johnson as Wee-Bey on The Wire has his mouth open in shock. He rubs his chin and then crosses his arms. He then turns to look over his shoulder.
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