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U Do It Slapped Savvy Turtle
Like What I See
Oh My Gosh
Oh No Mood GIF by Saturday Night LiveAwkward Season 4 GIF by The OfficeScared Bbc One GIF by BBCWide Eyed Omg GIF by The Opposite of HateFor Real Basketball GIF by Milwaukee BucksThird Eye What GIF by Abbey LuckWide Eyed Reaction GIF by WE tvSeason 1 Wow GIF by Amazon Prime VideoOh No Reaction GIF by XboxHip Hop Squares Wow GIF by VH1Cute Cat GIF by MOODMANShocked Kenan Thompson GIF by Saturday Night LiveSurprised Wide Eyed GIF by America's Next Top ModelGIF by HULUSeason 2 Omg GIF by Paramount+Movie gif. Wearing a suit and tie, a younger Nicholas Cage tries to appear interested in someone offscreen, but gives them a way-too-intense stare. Text: "You don't say?"uh oh what GIFSeason 2 Pop GIF by Schitt's CreekCelebrity gif. Nick Kroll dressed as a blonde woman is staring downwards, lips pursed in disappointment and eyes wide in annoyance.Video gif. Spotted dog has its head squished between two car seat headrests and appears petrified with its wide, light eyes.Shocked Oh No GIFtexas rangers gallo GIF by MLBshocked oh no GIF by Go Away Unicornshocked oh no GIF by Go Away Unicornshocked oh no GIF by Go Away Unicorn
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